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Clinton Creek

Clinton Creek: Remediation

The Government of Yukon’s Assessment and Abandoned Mines branch leads efforts to address environmental issues at the abandoned Clinton Creek mine site. This includes development and implementation of a long-term management approach to address human health and safety issues at the site.

The Government of Yukon has conducted and completed technical studies such as aquatic information gathering, asbestos toxicity analysis, along with detailed waste rock and tailing surveys to improve its knowledge of the site.

The results from these studies also served to inform the Government of Yukon, the Government of Canada and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in in the development of options for the long-term management approach to remediation of the former Clinton Creek mine site.

The Government of Yukon, the Government of Canada and Tr’ondёk Hwёch’in have agreed on a set of objectives for the Clinton Creek remediation project. The following summary of objectives guide the planning and remediation process for closure of the site:

  1. Protect human health and safety;

  2. Protect the environment, including land, air, water, fish and wildlife;

  3. Return and/or retain the site to a state that supports community and traditional land uses;

  4. Maximize local, First Nation and Yukon socio-economic benefits from the Clinton Creek project; and,

  5. Minimize project related liability, risk and costs.

The Government of Yukon, the Government of Canada and Tr’ondёk Hwёch’in have short-listed the original options and will be completing an evaluation that will result in the selection of a preferred management approach for the Clinton Creek site. This work will be completed in consultation with the affected community.