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Faro: care and maintenance

Care and maintenance is the term used to describe the ongoing activities such as maintenance and management of dams and diversions, treatment of contaminated water, site inspections, water monitoring, and site safety and security. Ongoing care and maintenance operations at the Faro mine site are undertaken to ensure the protection of human health and safety and the environment.

Business and employment opportunities

Business and employment opportunities related to the Faro mine site are posted at the links below. It is recommended that interested parties check these links on a regular basis.

Provision of goods and services

For contracting opportunities related to care and maintenance, construction projects and remediation planning, visit the Buyandsell tendering service.

Employment opportunities

To explore employment opportunities within the Assessment and Abandoned Mines branch, please visit the Government of Yukon’s employment site.

For employment opportunities related to care and maintenance activities underway at the Faro mine site, please visit the current site operator’s website: Parsons Ltd. .

For employment opportunities related to remediation planning and design, please visit the Government of Canada's employment site or Crown-Indigenous Relationships and Northern Affairs Canada's employment site.

Roles and responsibilities

As of May 1, 2018, the Government of Canada is responsible for leading and directing the ongoing care and maintenance activities at the Faro mine site.

The federal government provides annual funding for care and maintenance.

Care and maintenance consists of activities at the site that are being done now to keep people safe and the environment protected.

The core of care and maintenance operations at the Faro mine site is to manage water on the site. See the water management webpage for more information.

The care and maintenance operator is also responsible for:

  • Water management: collect, capture and reduce contaminated water found on site; operate, maintain and repair of water collection, conveyance, storage and treatment systems; treat and discharge treated water in compliance with water quality standards; and monitor and manage natural uncontaminated watercourses within the site.
  • Environmental and site conditions management: monitor and manage the tailings surface, conduct erosion and sediment control; monitor hazards; and execute site-wide water monitoring plan, with associated reporting on performance. For further information, see the water management webpage.
  • Infrastructure management and field maintenance: inspect, monitor, maintain and manage dams, diversions, waste rock piles, tailings impoundments and water treatment facilities; manage on-site waste including treatment of sludge; and coordinate any site repairs and upgrades to buildings, roads, electrical supply systems, and others.
  • Health and safety management: protect worker health and safety by ensuring compliance with legislations, regulations, rules, codes, policies and practices.
  • Site administration: manage, report and forecast preventative maintenance plan for site equipment and assets, including roads and infrastructure; maintain emergency response plan; conduct risk assessments and mitigation planning; conduct year-round site access control and security; and reporting and record management for the site.
  • Community involvement: provide socio-economic opportunities to First Nations and Faro community residences and businesses through training, capacity building and employment and commercial activities.

The Government of Canada is also leading the development and finalization of the remediation plan. To learn more, visit Government of Canada's Remediating Faro Mine in the Yukon.