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2015 Yukon Grazing Policy

On March 10, 2015, the new 2015 Yukon Grazing Policy and regulations came into effect.

The approved changes reflect that in the past two decades, the Yukon agriculture industry has grown and that local area plans and other government policies and legislation that affect grazing have changed. The changes to the 2015 Yukon Grazing Policy and regulations will improve administration of grazing agreements and help ensure that suitable lands are made available for grazing agreements. 

Sunnydale Planned Agriculture Land Project: What we heard and Final Concept Plan

The results of the consultation and final concept of the proposed agriculture land release in the Sunnydale area is now available.

Are you experiencing elk damage this winter?

Please let Conservation Officer Services know if you have elk damage to fences, crops or stored feed this winter. Reporting elk issues helps us to understand and manage these animals.

Phone the TIPPS line at 1.800.661.0525 to report issues and for help in dealing with the animals. 

Commercial farmers can also contact the Agriculture Branch at 867.667.5838 as compensation may be available.

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