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Selling food to government and food safety

The Government of Yukon is committed to increasing its purchase and use of local food as described in the Local Food Strategy for Yukon. In order to facilitate sales between Yukon producers and Government of Yukon purchasers, important information and key contacts have been compiled here.

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Food safety

Food safety standards for the sale of local food to the Government of Yukon are the same as food safety standards for retail sale, including local food prepared for catering contracts. This means that all local food must have gone through inspected and approved supply chains in order to be considered eligible for sale to the government. Currently, the types of local food that can be sold to the Government of Yukon through approved supply chains are:

Download a summary of the regulations related to the sale of meats, eggs, produce and manufactured foods in Yukon.

For information on other products, contact Environmental Health.

Red meat

  • All locally produced red meat products intended for retail sale within Yukon, including for catering, must be inspected and slaughtered in a licensed abattoir and transported in accordance with the Meat Inspection and Abattoir Regulations.

There are two licensed facilities for inspected red meat slaughter in Yukon. Both are based in Whitehorse. If locally-sourced meat has not been slaughtered at one of these facilities, it is considered suitable for sale at farmgate only and is not eligible for sale to the Government of Yukon. The facilities are:

a) Mobile abattoir – managed by the Agriculture Branch
Producers should review the Mobile Abattoir Procedures Manual prior to submitting their applications to the Agriculture Development Officer. Applications must be received and approved before contacting the mobile abattoir operator to book a slaughter.

b) Naturally Northern Meats
Km 218 North Klondike Highway
(867) 334-1826

Whole eggs

All eggs intended for retail sale in Canada must be graded in a federally-registered egg grading station.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspects all federally registered egg grading stations.  Currently, there are 2 egg grading stations. Eggs that have not been graded are suitable for sale at farmgate only and are not eligible for sale to the Government of Yukon.

Unprocessed fruit and vegetables

Fresh, uncut fruits and vegetables can be sold to the Government of Yukon as well as to retail markets, at farmer’s markets, and to caterers. No inspection is required, but the grower and the vendor are responsible for the quality and safety of produce that will be sold to the consumer. It is not necessary to wash produce before sale. However, if produce is washed before sale, it must be washed in potable water.

Food safety resources

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP is an internationally recognized food safety tool for the identification and prevention of hazards along the food supply chain and for the establishment of control systems.

The CanadaGAP program is an independent organization that provides food safety standards and a certification system for the production and handling of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Various federal food safety inspection programs are managed under the CFIA.

FoodSafe BC
This program provides training for front-line food preparation staff as well as food service managers. It also offers a training program for producers selling at local markets called MarketSafe.

Catering food service programs or government events

Local food prepared for consumption at Government of Yukon events or in food service programs should be sourced through approved, inspected supply chains as outlined above.

Government of Yukon procurement

The Government of Yukon purchases goods and services through contracts with vendors. All government purchases are made following the regulations stated in the Yukon Highways and Public Works Contracting and Procurement Directive. Below is an overview of price thresholds and procurement methods, as well as some useful resources. 

Overview of Government of Yukon procurement methods for purchase of goods:

Procurement methods used for goods vary depending on price thresholds. Because of the likely order volume and therefore, its cost, local food products are more likely to be procured via direct award or invitational tender.

Price thresholds and procurement methods:

Goods from $1,000 to $10,000 Informal or formal solicitation methods may be used. Informal solicitation methods include direct award and quote request. Formal solicitation methods include Request for Bids (RFB) for price-driven contracts. Invitational tenders are considered formal solicitation.
Goods from $10,000 to $25,000 Formal solicitation methods must be used. Invitational tenders may be used.
Goods over $25,000 Open, formal solicitation must be used through a public tender.

a) Direct Award means that a contract is awarded to an individual business without competition. It may only be used for the procurement of simple, uncomplicated goods where competitive procurement would be impractical. Quote requests may be used to issue direct award contracts.

b) Invitational Tender means that bids are requested from a limited number of businesses.

c) Public Tender means a formal, open solicitation, often advertised through newspapers or the Government of Yukon's Tender Management System.

Procurement resources

Procurement Support Centre
The Procurement Support Centre advertises and distributes Government of Yukon public tenders. Resources related to the sale of goods and services to the government are available at this office.

Supplier Directory

Producers interested in selling to the Government of Yukon are encouraged to register their business on the Supplier Directory.  The Supplier Directory lists Yukon businesses, suppliers and consultants who want to do business with YG. 

Once your business is registered on the Supplier Directory, you can access and edit your information as needed so that you can keep your business details up-to-date.

Tender Management System

The Tender Management System allows potential vendors to view both open and closed public tender documents, receive notifications of procurement opportunities, and access tender forecasts.

Contract Registry

The Contract Registry allows you to view past contracts that the Government of Yukon has awarded.

Business Incentive Program

The Business Incentive Program (BIP) offered through Economic Development provides competitive pricing opportunities to Yukon businesses supplying goods or services to the government. 

There are rebates available under the BIP for the procurement of some food products, however only contracts for goods that go to public tender are eligible to qualify to BIP. Each department has the discretion to decide whether a contract for goods under $25,000 goes to public tender. 

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