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Agriculture Development

This program provides funding to develop agricultural projects that enhance regional economic development and contribute to sustainability of our farm community. This program is divided into two categories, one dedicated to the building of community infrastructure, and one dedicated to individual farms and processors.

Eligible Community Activities

This program provides support for agriculture infrastructure to expand commercial agriculture and develop community gardens, greenhouses and farmer’s markets.

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • expanding commercial agriculture;
  • developing or commercializing country food opportunities;
  • community gardens and greenhouses;
  • farmers’ markets;
  • agriculture infrastructure (including storage facilities, processing kitchens, and specialized equipment);
  • multi-user irrigation projects: larger scale projects to provide water to a number of water users, including pumps and regional pipelines, that will lead to growth in the agricultural sector as supported by the Irrigation Strategy; and
  • other activities that may include purchasing equipment and facilities, hiring third-party labour and consultant services for professional, technical and analytical support.

Eligible Funding

For farm groups or cooperatives, up to 75% of project costs to a maximum of $100,000 over the lifetime of the program, and up to 100% of project costs for non-profit organizations and governments.

Applications for funding that exceed the specified maximum amounts may be considered, based on available funding.

Eligible Applicants

Farm groups, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and governments.

Eligible Farm and Processor Activities

This program provides assistance to commercial agriculture producers or processors who seek to diversify or expand their operations to take advantage of market opportunities that will increase profitability on the farm. This program also provides assistance to process or develop products that add value to primary agricultural products.

Activities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • purchasing of equipment or facilities;
  • hiring professional, technical or analytical support;
  • diversifying an agri-business and introducing new local agri-food products;
  • expanding an agri-business;
  • adding value to local agriculture products through processing;
  • introducing new technologies and processes; and
  • developing under utilized agricultural resources.

Eligible Funding

Assistance may be provided up to 50% of project costs for individuals if in-kind contributions are included in the application, and up to 60% if there are no in-kind contributions, to a maximum of $50,000 over the lifetime of the program.

Eligible Applicants


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