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Eating Local: The delicious truth of Yukoners' connection to local food

You can easily say there has always been a connection with local food in Yukon. First Nation families relied on local food sources from hunting, fishing and gathering. As early settlers and miners entered Yukon, they looked to agriculture to supply much need nutrition. Their agriculture pursuits at this time often ended in failure due to the harsh Yukon climate, but as these early farmers became more familiar with Yukon, their production improved.

With the building of the highways in the 1940’s and 50’s, trucks replaced the boats and placed the advantage on the side of imported produce. The building of the highways resulted in a decline in local food production, but at the same time provided Yukoners with a vast array of food from all over the world. 

Today, Yukoners enjoy a selection of food as good as any Canadian city.  Even with easy access to an amazing variety of foods, Yukoners are showing a renewed interest for locally produced foods. But why are we seeing this, and what is changing with Yukoners’ connection to local food?