Application Process

Project applications can be submitted to the Yukon Agriculture Branch at any time. Applications are reviewed monthly either by a program manager and field inspector, or a Project Evaluation Committee, depending on the program area for which the application is received. The application intake cut-off date is the first day of each month for projects that go to the Project Evaluation Committee for review.

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  • Research Project Supplemental Form
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The Project Evaluation Committee reviews the majority of applications. The role of the Project Evaluation Committee is to:

  • provide industry perspective on applications;
  • ensure that applications are evaluated according to the Growing Forward 2 policy objectives;
  • consider project impacts to producers and processors that have invested their own funds in areas eligible for program funding to ensure fairness and competitiveness as part of the evaluation of applications; and
  • consider project benefits to the overall industry and the public.

The Project Evaluation Committee* is made up of:

  • one industry representative from the Yukon Agricultural Association;
  • one industry representative from Growers of Organic Food Yukon;
  • the Yukon government program manager responsible for the application program area;
  • the Yukon Program Manager for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; and
  • the Yukon government Growing Forward 2 management co-chair.

* Committee members appointed for the term of the agreement.

Projects that are exempt from the Project Evaluation Committee are assessed for eligibility by the program manager and inspected at the end of the agreement to ensure that the project has been completed as per terms of the Transfer Payment Agreement.

All applications for funding are confidential. Once a project is approved for funding and a Transfer Payment Agreement is signed, the details of the agreement that are government funded become accessible to the public.

Applicants are encouraged to review their project proposal with the appropriate program manager at the Agriculture Branch before submitting the application to ensure that the application is eligible and complete before going through evaluation.

When consultants are proposed in an application for project funding, the applicant will submit the qualifications of the consultant with the application for evaluation.