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Yukon premises identification and traceability program

Yukon farmers are encouraged to enroll their farm operations in the Yukon Premises Identification and Traceability Program. The program is designed as a bridge between producers and the National Livestock and Poultry Traceability System.

Enrollment in the Yukon Premises ID program is free and will ensure local producers stay  informed in the event of a disease outbreak or other livestock emergency.

In Yukon, a Premises ID number is a requirement to register in the Veterinary Services Program and may be required when purchasing livestock or medication out of the territory.

Applications can be picked up at the Agriculture branch main office, or by clicking the link below. After a completed application is accepted, a letter will be sent back to the applicant with their individual premises ID number. A separate premises ID number is required for each individual lot.

For more information on the Yukon Premises Identification and Traceability Program, contact Jesse Walchuk, Agriculture Development Officer, at

This information is being collected under the authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act  section 29(c) and will be used to enroll Yukon farmers in the Yukon Identification and Traceability Program.  For further information about the program and the application of the collection of this information, contact the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Agriculture Branch at 867.661.5838 or toll free at 1.800.661.0408 extension 5838.

About livestock traceability systems in Canada

Traceability is the ability to follow items from one point in the supply chain to another. These systems are effective tools for animal health, public health and food safety. They can help reduce response time and thereby limit the economic, environmental and social impacts of emergency situations such as disease outbreaks.

The National Livestock and Poultry Traceability System is built on three basic elements:

  • animal identification
  • premises identification
  • movement reporting

Under Canada's Health of Animals Regulations, animal identification for cattle, bison, pigs and sheep is mandatory in Canada; as well as, movement reporting for pigs.

Participation in the national livestock and poultry traceability system:

  • assists in responding to disease outbreaks and other livestock emergencies;
  • enhances food safety and consumer confidence;
  • reduces the economic impacts of animal health emergencies on producers;
  • ensures that developments elsewhere do not affect the import of livestock into Yukon;
  • improves access to international markets that demand traceability for livestock and livestock products; and,
  • provides producers with the option for tailored information from Yukon's Chief Veterinarian Officer.

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