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Services offered by the Yukon government for agriculture

  • Disease Monitoring
    The Yukon Agriculture Branch works with the Federal Government, other Yukon Government departments and industry to monitor animal and plant diseases.
  • Hay testing
    The Agriculture Branch provides hay testing for both producers and livestock owners.
  • Livestock traceability
    Your livestock may have mandatory identification requirements for importing and exporting; transporting within Yukon; and traceability.
  • Meat Inspections
    The Yukon government provides meat inspection services at two territorial licensed facilities.
  • Premises identification
    Yukon farmers are encouraged to enroll in the Premises Identification and Traceability Program. The program is a bridge between local farms and the National Livestock and Poultry Traceability System.
  • Production Services
    The Agriculture Branch provides advice to farmers in all aspects of farm management, production, marketing, conservation techniques, new farm technology, and farm financing.
  • Veterinary Services Program
    This program reimburses farmers up to $1,000 per individual or farm operation for veterinary care of animals raised for food or fibre.