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Underutilized Land

This program is designed to improve the utilization of existing titled farm land that was developed for agricultural use prior to April 1, 2003, and has not been used for agriculture in several years.

Eligible Activities

Land in forest regrowth that was once cleared for agricultural use can be redeveloped following the Agriculture Land Development Guidelines  88KB.

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • removal of tree and shrub re-growth, rocks and roots;
  • discing and root raking, or rototilling;
  • seed bed preparation, fertilizer and seed; and
  • fencing of pasture land with good grazing/browsing that either requires a fence or major fence repairs in order for livestock to use the land. The fence must be constructed of a minimum of three wires and with permanent posts (pressure treated or metal).

Eligible Applicants

Individuals who hold title to agricultural land in Yukon that was cleared for agriculture prior to April 1, 2003, but is now in forest re-growth, or fencing is in disrepair. Leased agriculture land and Grazing Agreements may qualify for fencing where a beneficial management practice is adopted to improve utilization or the environment.

Eligible Funding

Funding for land redevelopment assistance is provided for up to 50% of project costs for individuals if in-kind contributions are included in the application and up to 60% if there are no in-kind contributions to a maximum of $250 per hectare. This program will not fund land that was previously improved with assistance
from other federal or territorial programs.

Funding to build or rebuild fencing is available up to $0.50 per linear foot.

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