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Wildlife Damage Prevention and Compensation

This program provides assistance for the protection of crops, market gardens, orchards and improved pasture lands from damage by wildlife and compensation for wildlife damage to crops and fences.

Eligible Activities

Eligible prevention activities include:

  • installation of game fencing materials (posts and wire) that stand at minimum 7 feet (2.1 metres) high;
  • wildlife proofing for crop storage facilities;
  • purchasing crop protection measures; and
  • purchasing a guardian dog.

Eligible compensation includes:

  • compensation for crop and improved-pasture losses that occur because of wild elk, deer, moose, bison, or waterfowl. Eligible damage is limited to cultivated forage crops currently in production. Assistance will not cover protecting feed crops not brought in from the field that could have been harvested or crops that are stored in a manner such that they cannot be protected.
  • compensation for fence damage caused by wild elk, deer, moose and bison.

Eligible Applicants

An individual who resides in a documented high-risk area or has suffered wildlife damage to crops or improved pasture is eligible for assistance. Applicants must show a firm commitment to preventing and/or reducing the amount of damage caused by wildlife.

Eligible Funding

Individual producers are eligible for 50% to 60% of costs to a maximum of $15,000 during the life of the program:

  • for installation of game fencing to a maximum of $3/linear foot for a minimum 7-foot tall game fence to protect titled crop lands from wildlife damage;
  • for wildlife-proofing crop storage facilities up to 60% of the additional cost to build wildlife proof storage buildings;
  • for crop protection measures, including fencing, netting, alarms and repellents up to 60% of the cost of materials; 
  • for guardian dogs individuals are eligible for 50% funding to a maximum of $500 towards the purchase of a pedigreed livestock guardian dog to address problems associated with wildlife predation on either crops or livestock; and
  • for compensation a maximum of 80% of the verified crop losses or 100% of fence damage are paid, with a minimum eligible claim of $250. Contact the Agriculture Branch
    immediately if damage is about to occur or has already occurred to initiate a compensation claim.

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