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Yukon Grown

Yukon Grown stickerDeveloped with input from the Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee and the public, the following definitions are used in the identifying of “Yukon Grown” agriculture products. Local farm products meeting the definitions below can label their products as such by displaying a “Yukon Grown” sticker, available through the Agriculture Branch.

For livestock and meat products:
“Livestock or the meat or meat product derived from livestock that has born and raised in the Yukon, and/or has spent a minimum of 51% of its life in the Yukon and/or has lived in the Yukon for no less than one complete calendar year.”

For plants and plant products:
“Plants or plant material and the products derived from these plants that originated from a Yukon source and/or were imported from an outside source and was grown in the Yukon for no less than 51% of its life cycle and/or continues to grow and be nurtured in the Yukon for no less than one complete year.”

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