Energy, Mines and Resources

Compliance Monitoring and Inspections

What We Do

natural resources officersNatural Resources Officers provide inspection, monitoring, enforcement, compliance and community client support services for natural resources.

We provide field services to Yukon, federal and municipal governments including:

Land Services; Forest Management branch; Agriculture branch; Highways and Public Works; Water Resources branch; Fire Management branch; Oil and Gas Resources; Minerals branch; and Emergency Measures branch, as well as for Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Yukon municipalities.



We provide comprehensive client support and inspection services for a wide range of issues and industries including:

  • verifying land suitability and land use; csi truck
  • forestry field work and issuing cutting permits;
  • mining industry and water related issues;
  • oil and gas industry assistance;
  • highways and access issues and inspections;
  • inspections of fish habitat for the federal government;
  • assistance with fire management and fire response;
  • emergency response and incident management;
  • guiding clients through the permitting process and providing project planning assistance;
  • customer service, education and co-operation;
  • providing technical advice and exchange information;
  • ensuring field activities are in accordance with terms and conditions of permit licenses;
  • assisting with environmental assessment and scheduled inspections for the Oil and Gas industry;
  • verifying land suitability for agricultural land uses;
  • issuing personal use timber permits for firewood and round wood harvesting;
  • conducting water quality research and laboratory analysis;
  • inspecting mineral claim staking or assessment work at the request of mining recorder;
  • inspecting placer and hard-rock mineral exploration;
  • inspecting Production Licenses and placer mining operations;
  • monitoring resource development activities and correcting inappropriate land use through education, encouragement and enforcement;
  • providing knowledgeable and experienced staff; and
  • providing full service district offices.