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Forest Resources Regulation amendment

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The Forest Management branch is proposing amendments to the Yukon Forest Resources Regulation.

While the 5-year review of the Forest Resources Act is expected to take considerable time, both industry and government have identified some implementation issues that could be resolved by amending the regulations in the meantime. Proposed regulatory amendments could increase operational flexibility and clarity in administrative processes as well as provide increased funding for reforestation activities.

Public input on the proposed amendments was carried out for 60 days, ending on April 30, 2016.


This discussion paper describes issues that have been identified with the regulation and proposes options to resolve these. The changes proposed would address the following: 

  1. create a threshold of 1.5 meters or less for trail clearing permit exemptions that aligns with the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Act;
  2. change wording so that indebted permit holders are not eligible to apply for or receive subsequent permits;
  3. ease rigid wording for site plan requirements, such as ‘exact locations’;
  4. broaden the discretion of the Director, Forest Management Branch to make minor changes to timber harvest plans as prescribed by policy; and
  5. amend the reforestation fees based upon timber type (i.e. live green or dead) rather than licence type (fuel wood or timber resources).

Public participation

Public input on the proposed amendments was carried out for 60 days, ending on April 30, 2016. The comment period is now closed. Comments received during this period will be compiled and considered as we resolve the issues identified.

Please note: The purpose for collecting your comments is for compilation and consideration in amending the Forest Resources Regulation. The information is being collected by YG. Your individual responses will be for internal use only. Individual respondents will not be identified in any reports, and your responses will be combined with others for reporting purposes. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please call 867-456-3999 or1-800-661-0408, ext. 3999


The Forest Resources Act and Forest Resources Regulation replaced the Timber Harvest Regulation under the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Act, which was inherited by Yukon in 2003 through the Devolution Transfer Agreement. The Act was developed collaboratively by the Yukon government and First Nations. The Act and Forest Resources Regulation came into force in 2011, providing Yukon with its first comprehensive natural resources legislation.

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