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Forest Resources Act review

A review of the Forest Resources Act is underway. The Government of Yukon and First Nations worked together to determine the best process for reviewing the act. We are currently forming a working group with First Nations to start the review. It is anticipated during the summer of 2019 there will be opportunities for engagement and input.

The following legislation guides the use of forest resources in Yukon:

Forest Resources Act [ 562KB]
Forest Resources Regulation [ 471 KB]

The Forest Resources Act and Forest Resources Regulation  became effective on January 31, 2011, replacing the Timber Regulation under the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Act. The Timber Regulation was originally developed by the federal government and inherited by Yukon through the Devolution Transfer Agreement in 2003. Highlights include:

  • planning that considers all forest users, including opportunities for First Nations and public comment on the management of forest resources. 
  • stronger commitments to the forest industry in terms of secure tenure opportunities and a transparent and fair allocation process.
  • compliance tools that forest managers and enforcement staff can use to ensure the continued health and viability of Yukon’s forests. 

Forest Protection Act  173 KB
Forest Protection  Regulation  32 KB 

Provides for the appointment of Forest Officers and supervisors to administer and enforce laws related to:

  • campfires, slash burning and debris disposal by forest operations during fire season;
  • clean-up orders related to insect and disease control; and,
  • burning permits to protect the territory’s forest resources and ensure public safety.

Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act

Also known as YESAA, the act  mandates assessors look at the potential environmental and socio-economic effects of proposed activities and to recommend whether the activities should:

  • proceed;
  • proceed with terms and conditions; or,
  • not proceed.

When assessments are complete, recommendations are sent to the decision body or bodies that regulate the activity or land base.

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