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Gunnar Nilsson & Mickey Lammers Research Forest

Research forest open house bikingAbout the research forest

The Gunnar Nilsson and Mickey Lammers Research Forest is 248 hectares named after 2 Yukon forestry pioneers. The land has been the primary site of forest research in Yukon since 1964.

Our commitments include research, education and recreation.


Our research has included studies on:

  • forest productivity
  • Swedish tree species
  • agriculture trials
  • climate change


We facilitate a variety of training initiatives, community and school group meetings and events.

Around 600 youth visited the research forest this past spring. We hosted the Envirothon in May 2017. Around 40 high school students attended and took part in activities focused on forestry, agriculture and the environment.


Our trails
We have over 10 km of trails situated along the beautiful Takhini River. They are open to the public. Hikers, bikers and skiers make use of our trails, benches and viewing areas. You can take a quick stroll or a long hike. We just added a new 1.5 km bike trail this year!

We have 10 educational geocaches along or near the trails. When you find the treasure box you can read an educational card inside and learn about the forest or about research activity nearby. Register for a free geo-caching account to find the coordinates of the treasure boxes!

Parking: Available directly off the North Klondike Highway
Pets: Pets are welcome, but please keep them on leach and clean up after them

Free trail maps are available on site and trails are marked.

Everyone is welcome to visit our forestry-themed playground.


The Gunnar Nilsson and Mickey Lammers Research Forest was originally reserved in 1964 by the Canadian Forest Service for the purposes of forest research and forest management studies.

Following transfer to the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development in 1971 a number of studies were established and some infrastructure developed but no long term plans were ever put in place.

The forest came under Yukon government management in 2003 as a result of devolution. 

Strategic plan

The research forest is unique in the circumpolar world because of its overall size, length of time it has captured research data and representative environmental values. The strategic plan outlines the government’s vision and values associated with the future use of the research forest. This vision sees a forest that showcases sustainable forest management in Yukon and promotes excellent forest research, stewardship and provides opportunities for forestry education and recreational activities.

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We are interested in your feedback. If you are currently conducting forestry related research or are considering initiating a research project in the Yukon, we are interested in hearing from you.

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