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Using Yukon forest resources roads

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What are forest resources roads?

Forest resources roads are temporary roads built to assist the harvesting of forest resources. They are designed to minimize the impacts on the land while maximizing the benefits derived from forest resources.

New roads constructed for the purpose of harvesting forest resources are classified as forest resources roads and existing roads could be designated as a forest resources road if the road:

  • requires modification or maintenance,
  • is not a highway under the Highways Act and,
  • will provide access for harvesting or forest management activities.

All forest resources roads will be posted with appropriate signage, indicating road name, restrictions on use, and the phone number of the local Compliance, Monitoring & Inspections office.

How is access managed on forest resources roads?

Access management is considered during strategic community-based forest resource management planning and at the operational timber harvest planning stages. There will be opportunities for those interested to provide input into access management objectives during the planning process as well as the YESAB review required for all new roads.

Depending on the access management objectives, the public and other potential users may, or may not, be permitted to use the road.

Can I get a permit to use a forest resources road?

All forest resources roads require authorization to use. Usually, your road authorization will be embedded in your harvesting licence documents. If you do not have authorization through a harvest licence, you can still apply for a Forest Resources Road Permit to use the road. This application will include submitting a rationale for use.

To apply for a Forest Resources Road Permit, visit your local Compliance, Monitoring & Inspections office and fill out an application form. A decision on your application will generally be made within 10 business days.

Authorization may also be granted to construct, modify, maintain or decommission a Forest Resources Road.

Are there limitations to what I can use a forest resources road for?

There may be restrictions placed on permissible activities for forest resources roads depending on access and land use considerations for the road and adjacent planning area. Please contact yourlocal Compliance, Monitoring & Inspections office to find out if restrictions apply to the road you wish to use.

Are there fees associated with using a forest resources road?

Currently, there are no fees associated with a permit to use a forest resources road. However, depending on the type and intensity of usage, a road use fee for maintenance may apply. See Fact Sheet #4 for more information on fees applicable to forest resources.

What happens to the road when timber harvesting is completed?

The lifespan of a forest resources road is addressed during the planning process. Upon completion of forest resource activities, the forest resources road will be decommissioned. Decommissioning will be done according to terms within planning documents and the decommissioning standard (available this Spring online).

A note on compliance and enforcement in Yukon’s forests

Compliance and enforcement are a significant part of managing our forests for their long term health and to ensure that we can continue to realize the many benefits they provide. As a forest user, it is your responsibility to ensure you are complying with applicable laws, regulations and any terms and conditions outlined in permits and/or licences. For more information about your responsibilities and possible penalties for non-compliance read Fact Sheet #5 or contact your local Compliance, Monitoring & Inspections office.


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