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Rural residential policy updated

Sections of the Rural Residential Land Application Policy referencing placer mining claims have been suspended, as the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources works through the required consultation.

Permits for work on highways and rights of way.

The Government of Yukon has updated its Land Use Regulation to consolidate its permitting processes.

Starting May 8, 2019, you will only require a work within the right-of-way permit from the Department of Highways and Public Works.

You are no longer required to get both a land use permit and a work within the right-of-way permit for work on existing highways (roads). This change does not affect environmental and socio-economic assessments or environmental protection for highways or their right-of-ways.

If you are building a new road on public land, you still require a land use permit from Energy, Mines and Resources. Land use permits are also are required for activities outside of a highway right of way, including:

  • Using any vehicle weighing 5 tons (11,023 lbs) or more, or exerting a pressure of more than 35kpa (5.076Ibs per square inch).
  • Using self-propelled or stationary machinery to move earth or clear brush.
  • Cutting a trail more than 1.5m (4.921ft) wide.
  • Storing more than 4,000L (800 Imp. Gal) of fuel or any single container over 2,000L (439 Imp. Gal).

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Scroggie Creek winter trail

Permit requirements have changed for heavy equipment travel on the Scroggie Creek winter trail. A Land Use Permit is now required from the Land Management Branch. A permit from the department of Highways & Public Works is no longer required. Heavy equipment includes vehicles exceeding 5 ton net weight or vehicles exerting a ground pressure in excess of 35 kPa.

Please contact Land Management at 867.667.5215 or toll-free at 1.800.661.0408 ext. 5215 for further information about timelines and requirements for obtaining a Land Use Permit.

Quarry permits for designated
public pits

Quarry Permits for granular material from designated public pits can be acquired from your local Compliance Monitoring & Inspections District Office. Yukon residents are eligible for up to 35 cubic metres of material for personal use at no charge.

Land application appeal process

A Land Appeal Policy is now available to help applicants and other parties better understand the land application appeal process.

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