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Local area plans

About local area planning

The Yukon government collaborates with First Nations and unincorporated communities to develop Local Area Plans.

Local Area Plans focus on rural communities and small town sites. Respective examples would be Marsh Lake and Carcross.

Local Area Plans do not address resource or landscape management issues to the same extent as regional, sub-regional and district land use planning. However, they do provide guidance on the types of uses that should be permitted or restricted within “Hinterland” areas and public land immediately surrounding a community.

There are currently 4 Local Area Planning processes occuring for: 

Completed Local Area Plans exist for the following communities:

Local area plan amendments

If you wish to develop your property in a manner that is different than what is outlined in a local area plan, you may apply for a plan amendment. If you are considering changing the use of your property, please contact the Land Planning branch and we would be happy to assist you. 

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