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Tagish local area plan

The Government of Yukon and Carcross/Tagish First Nation have commenced a local area planning process for the community of Tagish.

For current information, please visit the local area planning pages on the Tagish community website.

On this page:

Local Area Plan Planning Committee

Carcross/Tagish First Nation appointees
Bill Barrett Sr.
Patrick James
Adam Winters

Yukon government appointees 
Martin Allen
Paul Dabbs
Vicki Hancock

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What are Local Area Plans?

Local area planning is a form of land use planning that is done in unincorporated communities for private land, Yukon public land, and Settlement Land. Local area plans contain policies and maps that designate different areas for different land uses.

The Tagish local area plan will be developed with the assistance of a planning consultant and involve a planning committee, which is made up of people that are familiar with the land use issues in the planning area.

What are the benefits of local area planning?

Planning assists in defining a community's vision of the future and how it can move forward in that direction. A local area plan provides guidelines and policies to minimize land use conflicts and make sure that future development and growth occur in a way that supports the community’s vision and that is consistent with Yukon government and First Nation policies and legislation. The planning process provides local residents with an opportunity to share their views by participating in preparing a future land use concept.
Why are the Carcross/Tagish First Nation and the Government of Yukon preparing a local area plan for Tagish together?

Section 31 [ 86 KB] of the Carcross/Tagish Self-government Agreement mandates the Yukon government and Carcross/Tagish First Nation to jointly develop local area plans and zoning regulations for Carcross and Tagish. 

What are the benefits of a joint local area plan?

There are several benefits in planning for an area with all the parties involved, including:

  • to establish a common land use plan for the community of Tagish;  
  • to minimize land use conflicts within and between Settlement Land and Non-Settlement Land; 
  • to recognize and promote the cultural values of Yukon First Nation people as well as those of the broader community in the land use plan;  
  • to utilize the knowledge and experience of Yukon First Nation people as that of the broader community in order to achieve effective land use planning;  
  • to recognize Yukon First Nations' responsibilities pursuant to Settlement Agreements for the use and management of Settlement Land; 
  • to ensure that social, cultural, economic and environmental policies are applied to the management, protection and use of land, water and resources in an integrated and coordinated manner so as to ensure sustainable development on both Settlement and Non-Settlement Lands.


Contacts for Tagish local area plan 

Michelle Sicotte
Government of Yukon
Community Land Use Planning

Tami Grantham
Carcross/Tagish First Nation
Heritage Lands and Natural Resources Manager & Biologist