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Zoning (Development Area Regulations)

Zoning is used to implement local area plans or otherwise create rules for land use that:

  • provide for orderly development;
  • separate areas of incompatible land use; and,
  • ensure public safety and neighbourly use of private land.

Zoning regulations divide a community into zones that permit different ranges of land uses. The development permitting process enforces these uses of the land.

Zoning regulations can be created before a Local Area Plan if development conflicts or pressures exist in a community. This work will be in collaboration with First Nations and unincorporated communities.

Development Area Regulations

 Agricultural Development Areas  Klondike Valley
 Bear Creek  Little Teslin Lake
 Carcross  Mayo Road
 Deep Creek  M'Clintock Place
 Dempster Highway  Mendenhall
 Destruction Bay  Mount Lorne
 Dutch Harbour  Pine Lake
 Golden Horn  Remote Recreational Lots
 Grizzly Valley  Ross River
 Hotsprings Road  Silver Trail
 Ibex Valley  Watsix Eeti
 Jackfish Bay
 Whitehorse Periphery

Zoning maps for these development areas

Zoning Regulations under development

New zoning regulations are currently being developed for the following areas:

Zoning amendments

A zoning amendment (also known as rezoning) is required in order to change the use of a parcel of land located in an area designated under the Area Development Act. A zoning amendment is only required if the parcel is located within an area covered by the Area Development Regulations.

Applying for a zoning amendment

If you want to apply for a zoning amendment, you first have to find out who controls the zoning for your area. Each municipality is responsible for zoning within their own boundaries. The Land Planning Branch administers zoning in other communities and rural area designated under the Area Development Act. There are also areas of Yukon where no zoning applies. 

You can obtain information and application forms from the Land Planning Branch. We will tell you what uses are permitted on your property and if a zoning amendment is necessary.

To apply for rezoning, you must provide:

  • a completed Application Form [ 115 KB; French  123 KB], including description of property, existing and proposed use, etc);
  • a copy of the current Certificate of Title of the property, available from the Land Titles Office; and, 
  • a location map.

The Yukon government does not charge a fee for zoning amendment applications.

More information on applying for a zoning amendment can be found in the Land Rezoning Information Sheet [ 140 KB; French  309 KB].

Development and Discretionary Use Permits

Development permits are generally required before starting any development on your property and is an authorization from the Yukon government or a municipality to develop a property according to a set of standards and regulations

Discretionary use permits are a form of development permit that is decided after a public consultation.

For more information regarding discretionary use permits please see the Development Permit Infosheet [ 47 KB; French  528 KB].

Further information:

For more information on zoning, contact:

Graham Boyd
Senior Development Officer
Land Planning, Energy, Mines & Resources

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