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Apply for Subdivision Approval

When do I need subdivision approval?
You must have subdivision approval to divide or reconfigure any privately titled lot. This generally includes dividing land into additional parcels, combining two or more lots into one, lot enlargements, making boundary adjustments, condominium surveys and in some cases, long term leases. You must also obtain subdivision approval to create a new parcel of land from unsurveyed Yukon Land.

Where do I apply?
Three jurisdictions are responsible for subdivision approval in Yukon:

Whitehorse and Dawson City control subdivision within their own boundaries. Yukon government, Land Planning is responsible for all other subdivision requests.

How do I apply for subdivision approval?
Submit your Subdivision Application Form (English  184 KB or français  136 KB) or Subdivision Approval of Agricultural Land Form  202 KB, along with a non-refundable filing fee of $100 + GST, to Land Planning. Your application must include:

  • completed application form signed by all property owners;
  • sketch plan, drawn to scale, outlining the nature of the subdivision proposal, showing the lots, roads, existing and proposed structures etc.;
  • copy of the Certificate of Title (available from the Yukon Land Titles Office);
  • proof that the property taxes are paid.

In Whitehorse or Dawson, you must apply directly to the municipality for subdivision approval. If you have already applied to purchase Yukon land from Lands Management, and have received a letter authorizing you to proceed to subdivision application, you are not required to fill out a new form, but you must still pay the $100 + GST fee.

Are there any other fees?
If your subdivision is approved, there is a $100 fee for each additional new lot that is created (to a maximum of $1,000). For example, if only one lot is divided into 6 new lots, you must pay $500 for the 5 additional parcels created.

Subdivision Land Use Planner

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