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Yukon Land Application - Glossary of Terms

Application Number Number assigned to the application when it is received by EMR Land Management Branch.
Applicant Name(s) Name of applicant.
Description of application and location (often indicated by a map or grid reference).
Proposed Use Big Game Outfitting – refer to Legislation & Policies 
Commercial/Industrial - refer to Legislation & Policies
Institutional/Non-Profit – refer to Legislation & Policies
Miscellaneous – could include uses such as licence, easement or licence of occupation
Quarry – exclusive extraction of granular and topsoil materials
Recreational – recreational purposes
Reservation – issued to a Government agency to reserve some right or interest in Yukon Land
Rural Residential – refer to Legislation & Policies 
Trapping  – refer to Legislation & Policies 
Utility – includes power, water and sewer lines
Water Lot – refer to Legislation & Policies 
Comments Due Date Date – public comments are being requested, please submit them to the Land Management Branch by this date.
Not Applicable – public comments are no longer being accepted, or in accordance with regulation and legislation, public comments are not required.
Status/Decision In process – a decision has not yet been made.
Closed by Authority – prescreening closure; application does not meet policy requirements.
Denied – application denied for a variety of reasons some of which may include non-conformity to policy, unsuitable location, YESAB recommendation, zoning …
Deferred – application is on hold due to Yukon Government not having adequate information to make an informed decision at this time; application pending receipt of more information.
YESAB Number Use this number to find the application on the Yukon Environmental Socio-Economic Assessment Board Site. The YESAB site houses Project Assessment Reports and Recommendations as well as Decision Documents.
Links and other documents All documents applicable to the land application are attached here.