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What are Area Development (Zoning) Regulations?
"Zoning regulations" are created under the Yukon Area Development Act  253 KB. Zoning regulations define guidelines and standards for how properties can be used. The purpose of area development regulations is to:

  • provide for orderly development
  • protect areas from incompatible land use
  • establish development standards

Policies contained in local area plans are implemented through zoning regulations. If there are development conflicts or pressures in an area, regulations can be developed in advance of local area plans.

Zoning regulations typically divide an area into classes of land uses called zones. Each zone is permitted a range of land uses. The use of this land is monitored by the development officers. If land is not being used in the manner outlined in the zoning regulations, that land use can either be discontinued, or the property owner can apply for rezoning.

The Land Planning Branch develops zoning regulations through collaboration and consultation with communities and First Nations.

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