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Zoning amendments

Rezoning Fact Sheet

Zoning Amendments

A zoning amendment (also referred to as a rezoning applicaton) is required in order to change the designated use of a parcel under the Area Development Act. A zoning amendment is only required if the parcel is located within an area covered by the Area Development (Zoning) Regualtions.

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What is a zoning amendment?
Many Yukon communities and rural areas are divided into zoning districts. These zoning bylaws or regulations govern such things as property use, lot size, building setbacks etc. A zoning amendment is required if you are proposing a new use on your property that is not permitted under existing regulations. For example, a zoning amendment will be required to change the use of your lot from residential to commercial. However, the proposed new zoning must comply with the land use designation in the Local Area Plan, if a plan exists.

Having the proper zoning designation is also a requirement of subdivision approval if you are considering subdividing your property.

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