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InterLibrary Loans for EMR Library patrons


InterLibrary Loans for EMR Library Patrons

Send your request to phone 667-3111, or visit the library.

We can borrow books or obtain copies of magazine articles from any library in Yukon, Canada, or the world.*

  • Takes 1 to 3 weeks, as books come by mail. 
  • Books must be returned to the EMR Library by due date.
  • Renewals are not permitted.
  • Journal Articles
  • Takes 1 to 3 days.
  • Articles are yours to keep.
  • Please give us as much information as you can

    For Books:
  • Title
  • Author(s) or Editor(s)
  • Year of publication
  • Publisher
  • For Journal Articles:
  • Journal title
  • Year and month
  • Volume and issue
  • Article title
  • Article author(s)
  • *Interlibrary loans are limited to 10 requests per month per patron and must be related to Energy, Mines & Resources research.