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Agriculture and Gardening

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First Nations

First Nations and Inuvialuit hunting and fishing in Yukon.  Whitehorse, Yukon : Yukon Environment, 2012 SK151.Y8.F57 2012


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Saxinger, Gerti. Behind the scenes in Mayo and mining: Na-cho Nyak Dun elders' opinions on mining and community history.  HC117.Y8.S61 2016 

Saxinger, Gerti. Behind the scenes in Yukon mining: work, camp and family life in Yukon mining today. HC117.Y8.S61 2015 


A guide to camping in Yukon. Whitehorse, Yukon : Environment Yukon, 2017. GV191.7.G8 2017

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Workplace Resources

Einhorn, Cheryl. Strauss. Problem solved : a powerful system for making complex decisions with confidence and conviction. Wayne, NJ : Career Press, 2017. BF448.E45 2017 

Walker, Brian Harrison. Resilience practice: building capacity to absorb disturbance and maintain function. Washington : Island Press, c2012. HC59.15.W35 2012