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Agriculture & Gardening -Climate ChangeEconomics - Environment - Fish and Wildlife - Forestry - Geology - Highways - History - Indigenous Peoples- Land Planning - MiningMunicipal Planning - Parks and Recreation - Permafrost - Polar RegionsWorkplace Resources

Agriculture & Gardening

Langford, Signe. Happy hens & fresh eggs : keeping chickens in the kitchen garden with 100 recipes. Madeira Park, British Columbia : Douglas & McIntyre, 2015. SF487.3.L36 2015

Yukon Territory. Dept. of Energy, Mines & Resources. Agriculture Branch. Yukon agriculture : state of the industry 2013 to 2017.  Whitehorse : Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, 2018. S451.5.Y8 2013/17

Bloom, Jessi. Practical permaculture for home landscapes, your community, and the whole earth. Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, Inc., 2015. S494.5.P47 B57 2015 

Reid, Keith. Improving Your Soil: A Practical Guide To Soil Management For The Serious Home Gardener. Richmond Hill, Ontario : Firefly Books, 2014. S591.R45 2014 

Loeks, Zach. The permaculture market garden : a visual guide to a profitable whole-systems farm business. Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers, 2017. S494.5.P47.L63 2017 

Swine health handbook : for Yukon farmers. Whitehorse : Government of Yukon, 2018. SF395.Y85 2018

Climate Change

Research Northwest and Morrison Hershfield Ltd. Yukon 'state of play' : analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation. Whitehorse : Environment Yukon, 2017. QC903.2.Y8.R47 2017


Yukon Chamber of Commerce. Minimum wage survey report. Whitehorse, YT : Yukon Chamber of Commerce, 2018. HC117.Y8.Y91 2018

Evans, Bryan and Carlo Fanelli, editors. The public sector in an age of austerity : perspectives from Canada's provinces and territories. Montréal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2018. JL198.P83 2018. 


Darwish, Leila. Earth repair: a grassroots guide to healing toxic and damaged landscapes. Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers, 2013. TD192.5.D37 2013 

Johnston, Brian W. Bonnet Plume River monitoring report 2008 - 2017. Whitehorse : The Canadian Heritage Rivers Board, 2018. GV776.15.Y8.B62 2018

Yukon state of the environment 2018. Yukon Territory. Dept. of Environment, 2018. HC117.Y8.Y8

Indigenous Peoples

Vowel, Chelsea. Indigenous writes : a guide to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit issues in Canada. Winnipeg, Manitoba : HighWater Press, 2016. E78 .C2 V69 2016 

Nathalie Kermoal & Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez, editors. Living on the land : Indigenous women's understanding of place. Edmonton, Alberta : AU Press, 2016. GN476 .L58 2016 

Stuhl, Andrew. Unfreezing the Arctic : science, colonialism, and the transformation of Inuit lands. Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2016. G620.S894 2016 


The State of Canada's Forests 2018. Ottawa : Forestry Canada, 2018 SD13.S73 2018 


MacWilliam, Katherine, R.G. Geology and genesis of the Coffee Gold deposit, west-central Yukon, Canada: implications for the structural, magmatic and metallogenic evolution of the Dawson Range, and gold exploration models. [thesis]  Vancouver, B.C. : University of British Columbia, 2018. QE195.M33 2018

Klein, Cornelis and Tony Philpotts. Earth materials : introduction to mineralogy and petrology. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012. QE363.2.K57 2012 

Trenhaile, Alan S. Geomorphology : a Canadian perspective.  Don Mills, ON : Oxford University Press, c2013. GB428.5.C2.T73 2013 

Muntean, John. Diversity of carlin-style gold deposits. Littleton, CO : Society of Economic Geologists, 2018. QE390.5.G47 v. 20 2018 


National Research Council Canada The Yukon River at Dawson City : assessment of factors influencing freeze-up and ice bridge construction. Ottawa, ON : National Research Council Canada, 2018. TG27.D38.N38 2018


Twist, Susan. A guide to who lies beneath Whitehorse cemeteries. Whitehorse : Old Log Church Museum, 2018. FC4047.61.T85 2018 

NVision Insight Group. Lansing Heritage Site management plan and executive summary. FC4015.L3.S54 2017

Land Planning

Caddell, Emily, author. Sustainability and Indigenous interests in regional land use planning: case study of the Peel watershed process in Yukon, Canada. Waterloo, ON : University of Waterloo, 2018. QH77.Y8.C33 2018


Mining ideas for the Canadian minerals and metals plan : a discussion paper. Ottawa : IGWG Secretariat, 2018. TN26.M56 2018

Minto Mine socio-economic monitoring program : annual report 2015. Whitehorse, YT : Government of Yukon, 2018. TN443.Y8.M56 2015

Newman, Dwight. Mining law of Canada. Toronto, Ontario : LexisNexis Canada, 2018. KE1790.N48 2018  

Yukon Territory. Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources. Quartz Mining Act proposed amendments : what we heard engagement report. Whitehorse, YT : Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, 2018. KEY349.Q32 2018

Yukon Territory. Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources. Class 1 notification submission guidelines. Whitehorse, YT : Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, 2018. KEY349.C53 2018

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations. Mineral industry code for quartz and coal on non-settlement land and Category B and fee simple settlement land. Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, ©2013. KEY497.C45 2013

Municipal Planning

City of Whitehorse. Robert Service Way planning study. Whitehorse, YT : The City, 2018. HT169.Y8.W531 2018

Speck, Jeff. Walkable city rules : 101 steps to making better places. Washington, DC : Island Press, 2018. HT166.S63 2018 

Parks and Recreation

City of Whitehorse. The state of parks & recreation research report. Whitehorse, YT : The City, 2018. HT169.Y8.W701 2018

City of Whitehorse. Parks & recreation master plan. Whitehorse, YT : The City, 2018. HT169.Y8.W7011 2018

Mike Rourke. Yukon River : Dawson City to Circle.  Houston, British Columbia : Rivers North Publications, 1985. revised 2014. GV776.15 .Y85 R68 2014

Ddhaw Ghro Habitat Protection Area Steering Committee. Ddhaw Ghro Habitat Protection Area : management plan. Whitehorse, YT : The Committee, 2018. QH77.Y8.D441 2018 


Duguay, Maxime Arsène. Permafrost changes along the Alaska Highway Corridor, Southern Yukon, from ground temperature measurements and DC electrical resistivity tomography. [thesis] Ottawa : University of Ottawa, 2013. GB648.15.D85 2013

White, Thomas L. Contaminant behaviour in freezing soils and permafrost : fate, transport, and transformation. Ottawa, ON : Linden Research Group, 2018. TD178.5.W45 2018 

Polar Regions

Breum, Martin. Cold rush : the astonishing true story of the new quest for the Polar North. Montreal ; Kingston ; Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2018. UA880. B7413 2018 

Fish and Wildlife

Weymouth, Adam. Kings of the Yukon : a river journey in search of the Chinook. Toronto : Knopf Canada, 2018. FC4045.Y85 W49 2018 

Chester, Sharon. The Arctic guide: wildlife of the far north. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2016. QL105.A73 2016 

Oceans North Conservation Society. Canada's Arctic marine atlas. Ottawa, Ontario : Oceans North Conservation Society, 2018. GC401.O25 2018

Russell, Donald Edmund. Assessing caribou vulnerability to oil and gas exploration and development in Eagle Plains, Yukon. Whitehorse, Yukon : Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, 2017. QL737.U55.R85 2017

When the caribou do not come. Vancouver, BC : UBC Press, 2018. QL737.U55.W44 2018

AMBOCA Ecological Services. Wild sheep and their horns : with special reference to the thin-horn sheep of the American north-west : an information source for sheep hunters. Whitehorse : Amboca Ecological Services, 2018. QL737.U53 A43 2018

Community-based fish and wildlife work plan : Champagne and Aishihik traditional territory 2016 - 2021. Whitehorse : Yukon Environment, 2017. SK471.Y8.Y863 2017

Workplace Resources

Cain, Susan Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. New York : Broadway Books, 2012. BF698.35.I59 C35 2012 

Heffernan, Margaret. Beyond measure : the big impact of small changes. New York : TED Books, Simon & Schuster, 2015. HD58.8.H34 2015 

Greene, Nat. Stop guessing : the 9 behaviors of great problem solvers. Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2017. BF449.G74 2017 

Choudhury, Shakil. Deep diversity: overcoming us vs. them. Toronto : Between the Lines, 2016. BF575.P9 C46 2016 

Connors, Deborah. A better place to work : daily practices that transform culture. Well-Advised Publishing, 2018. HD58.8.C65 2018 

Jana, Tiffany and Matthew Freeman. Overcoming bias : building authentic relationships across differences. Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2016. BF575.P9.J35 2016 

Coyle, Daniel. The talent code : greatness isn't born. It's grown. Here's how. New York : Bantam Dell, 2009. BF431.C69 2009