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Climate Change

Weege, Stefanie. Climatic drivers of retrogressive thaw slump activity and resulting sediment and carbon release to the nearshore zone of Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, Canada.  [thesis] Potsdam : Universität Potsdam, 2016. GB648.15.W44 2016


Yukon Financial Advisory Panel. Final report. Whitehorse, YT : Dept. of Finance, 2017. HJ2056.5.Y8.Y81 2017

Loney, Shaun. An army of problem solvers : reconciliation and the solutions economy.  Winnipeg, Manitoba : Shaun Loney, 2016. HD60.5.C2.L66 2016 


Smil, Vaclav. Energy and civilization : a history.  Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2017. TJ163.5.S65 2017

Barber, Everett M. Convert your home to solar energy. Newtown, CT : Taunton Press, c2010. TH7414.B37 2010  

 First Nations

Alcantara, Christopher and Jen Nelles. A quiet evolution: the emergence of indigenous-local intergovernmental partnerships in Canada. Toronto : University of Toronto, 2016 JS1710.A43 2016 

Nadasdy, Paul. Sovereignty's entailments : First Nation state formation in the Yukon. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2017. E78.Y8.N33 2017


The state of Canada's forests annual report 2017. Ottawa : Forestry Canada, 2017. SD13.S73 2017

Clackett, Sydney. Long-term changes in global and local atmospheric mercury as recorded in white spruce tree-rings in central Yukon Territory.  Toronto : University of Toronto, 2017. SD146.Y8.C55 2017


Pfalz, Gregor. Lateral transport of sediment and organic matter, derived from coastal erosion, into the nearshore zone of the southern Beaufort Sea, Canada. [thesis]  Dresden, Germany : Universität Dresden, 2017. GB445.3.F67 2017

Wolter, Juliane. Mid- to late Holocene environmental dynamics on the Yukon coastal plain and Herschel Island (Canada)  : evidence from polygonal peatlands and lake sediment.  Potsdam, Germany : University of Potsdam, 2016. GB648.15.W65 2016

Tanski, George. Release of dissolved organic carbon into the southern Canadian Beaufort Sea. Berlin, Germany : Freie Universität Berlin, 2013. GB648.15.T36 2013

Eischeid, Isabell. Mapping of soil organic carbon and nitrogen in two small adjacent Arctic watersheds on Herschel Island, Yukon Territory. Hohenheim, Germany : University of Hohenheim, 2015. GB648.15.E35 2015

Ruttor, Saskia. Mobilization of organic carbon and nitrogen in a retrogressive thaw slump on Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, Western Canadian Arctic. Potsdam : Universität Potsdam, 2015. GB648.15.R88 2015


Clark, Andrew David. Tectonometamorphic history of mid-crustal rocks at Aishihik Lake, southwest Yukon. Burnaby, BC : Simon Fraser University, 2017. QE195.C52 2017

Vice, Lianna. Late Cretaceous to Paleocene evolution of the Blanchard River assemblage, southwest Yukon : implications for Mesozoic accretionary processes in the northwestern Cordillera. Burnaby, BC : Simon Fraser University, 2017. QE195.V53 2017

Griffiths, J.S. and Martin, C.J., editors. Engineering Geology and Geomorphology of Glaciated and Periglaciated Terrains : Engineering Group Working Party Report.  London : Geological Society of London, 2017. QE697.E56 2017 

 MacFarlane, K. (editor). Yukon Exploration & Geology - 2017. Whitehorse, Yukon Geological Survey, 2018. TN 27.Y94 Y94 2017 

Schneider, Julian. Seismic facies and structure interpretation from 2D profiles in the vicinity of Herschel Island, Yukon, Canada. [thesis] Potsdam, Germany : University of Potsdam, 2017. GB648.15.F75 2017


Hoefs, Manfred. Yukon's hunting history. Whitehorse, Yukon : AMBOCA Ecological Services, 2017. SK152.Y8.Y86 2017 

Blum, Howard. The floor of heaven : a true tale of the last frontier and the Yukon gold rush.  New York : Crown Publishers, c2011. F912.Y9.B58 2011 

Coates, Kenneth. Land of the midnight sun : a history of the Yukon. 3rd edition. Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2017. FC4011 C62 2017 

Dobrowolsky, Helene and Alexandra Winton. Clinton Creek cultural research and oral history project.  Whitehorse : Tr'ondek Hwech'in, 2017. FC4024.9.C55 2017 

Cameron, Charlotte. A cheechako in Alaska and Yukon.  Middletown, Delaware: Leopold Classic Library, 2017, Reproduction of the book which was originally published: London: T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd., 1920. FC3962.C36 2017

Richard J. Hebda, editor. Kwädąy Dän Ts’ìnchį : teachings from Long Ago Person Found.  Victoria, Canada : Royal BC Museum, 2017. E98.B87.K84 1997 


Saxinger, Gertrude and Susanna Gartler. Mobile workers guide: fly-in, fly-out and rotational shift work in mining, Yukon experiences. Whitehorse : Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic, 2017. HD8039.M6.S39 2017

Keevil, Norman B. Never rest on your ores : building a mining company, one stone at a time. Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017. HD9506.C24.T43 2017 


SHIFT : break your own trail. DVD.  Whitehorse, YT : Shot in the Dark Film Productions Inc., c2016. GV1046.Y8.S4 2016 

Penikett, Tony. Hunting the northern character. Vancouver, BC : Purich Books, 2017. FC3956.P34 2017 

DeLong, Eric. Yukon River mapbook Part 1 and 2. Whitehorse : Borealis Geomatics, 2010. GV776.15.Y8.D45 2010  

Oil & Gas

Wilson, Sheena, editor. Petrocultures : oil, politics, culture.  Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2017. HD9560.5.P48 2017


Norris, Frank Blaine. Alaska subsistence : a National Park Service management history.  Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Support Office, National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 2002. SB482.A4.N67 2002


Riedel, Thorsten. Assessing permafrost erosion in the Canadian Beaufort Sea, Herschel Island : a biomarker approach. [thesis] Bremen, Germany : University of Bremen, 2017. GB642.Y8.R54 2017

Baltruschat, Stefan. Soil organic matter and stable carbon isotopes in surficial permafrost on Herschel Island, Yukon Territories, Canada. [thesis]  Darmstadt, Germany : Universität Darmstadt, 2013. GB648.15.B35 2013

Lantuit, Hugues. The modification of Arctic permafrost coastlines. Potsdam, Germany : Universität Potsdam, 2008. GB648.15.L38 2008

Frank-Fahle, Béatrice. Methane-cycling microbial communities in permafrost affected soils on Herschel Island and the Yukon Coast, Western Canadian Arctic.  Potsdam, Germany : Universität Potsdam, 2013. GB648.15.F73 2013

Obu, Jaroslav. Effect of mass wasting on soil organic carbon storage and coastal erosion in permafrost environments.  Potsdam, Germany : Universität Potsdam, 2015. GB648.15.O28 2015

Bandara, Sasiri. Records of atmospheric mercury deposition and post-depositional mobility in peat permafrost archives from central and northern Yukon, Canada  Edmonton : University of Alberta, 2017. GB642.Y8.B36 2017

Lenz, Josefine. Thermokarst dynamics in central-eastern Beringia : insights from permafrost and lacustrine sediment cores. Potsdam : University of Potsdam, 2016. GB648.15.L46 2016

Fritz, Michael. Late quaternary environmental dynamics of the western Canadian Arctic : permafrost and lake sediment archives at the eastern Beringian edge.  Potsdam, Germany : University of Potsdam, 2011. GB648.15.F76 2011


Osler, Fen Hampson and Eric Jardine. Look who's watching : surveillance, treachery, and trust online. Waterloo, ON, Canada : CIGI/Centre for International Governance Innovation, 2017. TK5105.875.I57.H36 2016 


Yukon hunting regulations summary 2017/18. Whitehorse, YT : Environment Yukon. KEY499.6.Y8 2017/18

Living in bear country : practical advice in bear country. DVD  Atlin, B.C. : Wild Eye Productions, c2005. QL737.C27.B343 2005

McLeod, Tess. Local knowledge based moose habitat suitability assessment for the south Canol Region, Yukon.   Whitehorse, YT: Environment Yukon, 2017. QL737.U5.M36 2017

Cameron, Scott. A celebration of swans : wildlife viewing program annual report 2016.  Whitehorse : Dept. of Environment, 2017. QL60.Y84 2016

Clarke, Heather. Statistically derived early winter moose habitat selection in the south Canol region, Yukon. Whitehorse, YT: Environment Yukon, 2017. QL737.U5.C56 2017

Hunt wisely : bison. Whitehorse, YT : Environment Yukon, 2017. QL737.U53.H86 2017

Workplace Resources

Simon, Nina. The art of relevance.  Santa Cruz, California : Museum 2.0, 2016. AM7.S55 2016 

Marcus, Ilene. Managing annoying people : 7 proven tactics to maximize team performance.  North Charleston, South Carolina : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. HD57.7.M37 2017 

Lennertz, Bill. The charrette handbook : the essential guide for accelerated, collaborative community planning. Chicago : American Planning Association, c2006. HT167.N37 2006 

Fisher, Roger, et al. Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in.  New York : Penguin, 2011. BF637.N4.F57 2011