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Seed Library Events

Our next Seed Library event is

Seed Saving with Ingrid Wilcox

Thursday, September 5, 2019

12 - 1 p.m. at the EMR Library

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Share and borrow seeds through the EMR Library!

Libraries are all about sharing resources in many different formats. Seed libraries help nurture a thriving community of local gardeners, growers, and seed savers. In addition to providing access to free seeds, the library aims to support gardeners, from beginner to expert, through the process of growing, harvesting, and seed saving.

How it works

  • Visit EMR Library to browse the seed collection or view the list of available seeds online [ 140 KB].
  • “Borrow” seeds with your EMR Library account and start planting.
  • Check out our various library resources [ 55 KB] for tips on planting, gardening and seed saving.
  • Return seeds harvested from plants grown in your garden (not to worry, there are no overdue fines or penalties for seeds not returned).

Returning / donating seeds to EMR Seed Library

It's always a good time of year to bring seeds to the Seed Library! To donate Yukon-grown vegetable and flower seeds, place them in an envelope or plastic bag. The seeds should be clean and dry.  When you bring the seeds to the library, we will ask you for the following information:

  • the type of seed
  • the year you collected it
  • the source of the original seeds, if known
  • tips on successful growing conditions.

We will pass this information on to gardeners who borrow your seeds.

Frequently asked questions

Are seeds available all year?
Yes. You may borrow and donate seeds at any time of year. The best variety and selection is available in the spring, but perennials are available year-round.

How many can I check out?
Ten packets of seeds may be checked out at one time by each patron.

I can't find seeds in the library catalogue!
The list of seeds available is separate from the library catalogue. Please download the list of seeds [ 140 KB] or drop by the library to browse the seed collection.

Can I get organic seeds?
At the moment only a few seed varieties in our collection are certified organic. Organic seeds are indicated on the label. 

When do I return the seeds?
Please save seeds at the end of the growing season when you harvest your plants. They can be returned to the library at any time.

What if I can’t return seeds?
There are no “overdue” fines for seeds that are not returned! You will not be punished if you are not able to return seeds, but returning seeds will help the Seed Library replenish itself and become self-sufficient.

Do I have to bring back the same type of seeds?
Ideally yes, as this will help replenish the collection for other patrons. As there are no guarantees in gardening, however, we will accept any seeds that you are able to donate.

How do I properly save seeds?
There are different techniques for saving seeds based on the type of plant. Please take some time to learn about how to save seeds from the plants you’re growing. The EMR Library has lots of good resources. Download the list of resources [ 55 KB].