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Yukon Mining Assessment Reports

Owners of Mining Claims must produce an annual technical report on their claim.

  • These reports are confidential for five years, unless the Claim has lapsed, in which case confidential for 6 months after lapse date. 
  • Scanned PDF copies of open reports are available online. Search by author, claim name, company, NTS number or geographic area in the Energy, Mines and Resources Library Catalogue. Then click on the URL to access the full report. Please note that the scanned versions of older reports may not include expense statements and receipts, statements of qualifications and/or lists of personnel which may be included with the hard copies. 
  • Hard copies may be borrowed overnight. Patron must leave their Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) information with Library staff as security. 

Check out the new Mining Assessment Report layer in Skyline!

The Yukon Mining Assessment Report Footprints database contains over 7,500 reports documenting mineral exploration activity in Yukon since the 1950s. The majority of these records are open to the public, more recent reports are confidential (see above). Each geometric shape on the map represents a report on the work performed in that area. Key information about these reports has been captured, such as report number, title, author, year, claims, property name, expenditures, and a link to the scanned report.

To access this map layer through Skyline, uncheck the ‘Airphoto Library’ layer on the left side menu, and check the ‘Geology’ layer. Click the plus sign beside ‘Geology’ and check the box for ‘Assessment Report Footprint’.

Or check out the stand-alone version - same information, but without the other map layers.

Watch a video tutorial on how to find and download mining assessment reports


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