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The Minerals Resources branch regulates exploration and mining activity and encourages its development.

2014 Robert E. Leckie Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

October 1, 2014 - The award is presented to worthy recipients for excellence in environmental stewardship, outstanding social responsibility, and leadership and innovation in mining practices. Awards are presented annually at the Geoscience Forum.

Nomination deadline: October 22, 2014

New Chair Appointed to Yukon Minerals Advisory Board

July 4, 2014 - Mark Ayranto has been appointed as the new chair of the Yukon Minerals Advisory Board for a two-year term. Mr. Ayranto brings many years of project development and hands-on Yukon mining experience to the Yukon Minerals Advisory Board. He is Vice President – Yukon for Victoria Gold Corporation.

Yukon government designates new areas requiring Class 1 notification

June 19, 2014 - The Government of Yukon has approved the designation of several new areas that will require notification for Class 1 (low level) mineral exploration activities.

Multi-party agreement reached on Dome Road solution

June 18, 2014 - The Yukon government, City of Dawson and owners of the Slinky mine have negotiated a multi-party agreement which will see a number of initiatives move forward.

Road Relocation and Future Lots
Public Meeting
June 25
6 to 8 p.m.
Downtown Hotel, Dawson City

Yukon government approves land use plan for public lands in Peel Watershed region

January 21, 2014 - The Yukon government has adopted a land use plan as it applies to public lands within the Peel Watershed region. The Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan applies strictly to public lands which form over 97 percent of the region. The plan uses Protected Areas, Restricted Wilderness Use Areas and Integrated Management Areas to provide for an active management of lands and resources.

Interim Mineral Staking Prohibition Order in the Ross River Area

The order is in effect from December 27 to April 30, 2014. The December 27, 2012, decision of the Yukon Court of Appeal in Ross River Dena Council vs. Government of Yukon stated that the Yukon government must consult the Ross River Dena Council about whether to grant mineral rights on Crown lands in the Ross River Area.

Yukon government amends mining acts and regulations

The Yukon legislature passed the Act to Amend the Placer Mining Act and the Quartz Mining Act yesterday. Following the passage of this act, the Yukon government approved amended regulations under the Placer Mining Act and the Quartz Mining Act. The government also designated the Ross River Area where new reporting requirements will apply.

Responsible mining practices recognized by Yukon government

The winners of the Robert E. Leckie awards were announced November 18, at the 41st Annual Geoscience Forum banquet.

Ben Warnsby and Alex Seely were awarded the 2013 Leckie Award for outstanding and responsible practices in placer mining.

Regent Ventures Ltd. won the 2013 Leckie Award for outstanding and responsible practices in quartz mining.

Plan Requirement Guidance for Quartz Projects - This new document outlines all the environmental and operational plans that are required for a Quartz Mining License and provides detailed guidance on the required content of these plans.

Reclamation and Closure Planning for Quartz Mining Projects - This new document provides guidance on the development of a comprehensive closure plan, and how the determination of appropriate financial security for a mine site.

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