Energy, Mines and Resources


2008 Leckie Recipients

Outstanding Quartz Reclamation Practices
Selwyn Resources Ltd.

Selwyn ResourcesSelwyn Resources Ltd. is continuing their exploration program at Howard’s Pass in eastern Yukon. This year’s focus has been on reclamation.

The aggressive bio-engineering originally undertaken on slopes has been extended to many more areas of the property. The company is stabilizing roads, creek banks and the airstrip using live willow from the property in an innovative manner that is proving very successful.

Selwyn’s commitment to local communities and the ongoing education of youth in environmental studies demonstrates how the company’s progressive environmental and socio-economic policies and practices are incorporated into its operations.

Selwyn’s work truly encompasses all that this award stands for: excellence in environmental stewardship, social responsibility; leadership, and innovation.

Outstanding Placer Mining Reclamation Practices
Ross Mining Ltd.

Ross MiningRoss Mining Ltd. continues to carry out exceptional restoration work on Dominion Creek at the largest placer mining operation in Yukon.

Extensive use of topsoil allows for rapid re-vegetation. Mined areas are transformed into a rich living eco-system with newly created ponds and waterways that form a haven for moose, fox, geese, ducks and swans.

Jon Rudolph, president of Ross Mining Ltd., has introduced the idea of ethical gold to the Yukon. His company Mammoth Tusk Gold offers the Ethical Gold Certification Program. This certification is rooted in values of sustainability, environmental and social responsibility, and fair mining practices. The chain of custody must be certified from unearthing to smelting and delivery for sale.

Ross Mining demonstrates excellence in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, leadership and innovation. The founding of Mammoth Tusk Gold has opened up a new arena where Yukon placer mining can truly shine.

Outstanding Placer Mining Reclamation Practices Honourable Mention
HC Mining Ltd.

HC Mining Ltd.HC Mining Ltd. has been operating on Moosehorn Creek, a tributary of Henderson Creek, in the Dawson mining district since 2004.

HC Mining owner Hayden Cowan is in the process of applying for Ethical Gold Certification.

The restoration measures used by HC Mining go beyond best practices in mining reclamation. The very steep overburden piles, which blocked passage across the valley, have been reduced to gentle slopes. The creek has been armoured along its length and a settling pond is in place for catchment of any sediment while slopes stabilize. Top soil has been spread to enable entrapment of water and airborne seed, which will encourage rapid re-vegetation.

HC Mining is commended for its efforts in accelerating the re-establishment of their property for use by wildlife and the public.

Outstanding Quartz Reclamation Practices Honourable Mention
International KRL Resources Corp.

International KRL Resources Corp.International KRL Resources Corp. has been operating on the NOR property, located 395 km northeast of Dawson City.

The company has consistently adhered to the best management practices available and works cooperatively with their inspector to surpass the requirements of their permit.

International KRL identified and removed an old exploration site abandoned in the 1970’s - burning tent frames and removing fuel drums and barrels. The company demonstrates a genuine will, expending considerable time and money, to take responsibility for past practices of other entities at this property.