Energy, Mines and Resources


2010 Leckie Recipients

Strategic Metals Ltd. mine siteOutstanding Quartz Reclamation Practices: Strategic Metals Ltd.

Strategic Metals Ltd. conducted a Class 3 exploration program in the Dawson mining district from 2004 to 2009. The project included soil sampling, mapping, drilling and a large trenching program.

The company has perfected their trench reclamation technique so that in addition to restoration, site stability has increased and access to all terrain vehicles has been impeded. Their methods have created habitat for small mammals, protection to wildlife from human predation and areas for airborne seedlings to be established, where wind erosion is lessened and water can easily pool to promote accelerated re-vegetation.

Johnson mineOutstanding Placer Mining Reclamation Practices, Honourable Mention: Steven Johnson

The Johnson family has been mining in the Mayo district for the last 15 years and has met all environmental challenges through modern mining practices. Their work has exceeded expectations for decommissioning their site.

Murphy’s Pup had been previously mined, which created gradient related stability challenges for final channel construction. The Haggart Creek Road, a public road, regularly washed out as a result.

The Johnsons stockpiled coarse rock and top soils for restoration of the site. They armoured the channel and created a boulder spillway to protect the road at freshet. They insulated permafrost areas and sloped, contoured and scarified before spreading fines to coax rapid re-vegetation. The road and creek have remained stable since these efforts were undertaken. The Johnson family has returned the area to a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Knutson mineOutstanding Placer Mining Reclamation Practices: Martin Knutson

Martin Knutson has mined at several sites in the Dawson mining district. In 2010 he mined an area between the Klondike Highway and the Klondike River adjacent to Bear Creek subdivision, whose residents were consulted prior to work beginning. The program began and finished in 2010 and the area was left in an improved state from how it was found. Only necessary trees were removed so that the edge could be blended for a natural look.

Mr. Knutson cleaned the site of all litter and debris accumulated over time. He sloped and contoured, spreading fines stockpiled for that purpose. He constructed a swimming hole for local residents from the original pit. This depression will fill annually via seepage from the Klondike River as other dredge ponds in the area are wont to do. He left a raised trail for hiking. This trail acts as a berm to ensure that the Klondike River will no longer flood the area in spring.

A new recreation area has been created in the wake of mining.