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Notification of Class 1 Mining Activities

Questions and Answers for Claimholders and Operators [ 172 KB]

What is a Class 1 notification?
Class 1 notification is a process that requires claimholders and operators to submit a notice to the Yukon government to carry out Class 1 exploration work in identified areas around the territory.

Once the operator has submitted the notice to the district Mining Recorders office, the Yukon government will review the notice and consult with all affected First Nations on the proposed program.

Who does Class 1 notification apply to?
Class 1 notification applies to everyone undertaking Class 1 quartz exploration, Class 1 placer land use operation and placer prospecting lease work that are in notification areas.

Where does Class 1 notification apply?
A map can be viewed of the existing Class 1 Notifications at any of the district Mining Recorders offices, or online at

Generally speaking, Class 1 notification is required in the following areas [ 307 KB]:

  • Ross River area;
  • Peel River Watershed area;
  • South-Western Yukon area;
  • Watson Lake area;
  • Southern Yukon area;
  • All Category A and B Settlement Land identified in or pursuant to the Yukon First Nation Final Agreements.
  • On April 1, 2018, Traditional Territory of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in – the Dawson area

You can also visit the Yukon Mining Map Viewer for detailed locations of boundaries of Class 1 notification areas at

What if I am unsure whether I am working in Class 1 notification area?
Please contact the district Mining Recorders office. They will let you know if you are required to submit a Class 1 notification. You can also refer to the Class 1 notification areas using the Yukon Mining Map Viewer at or the Yukon Mining Map Index [ 1.05 MB].

Why is notification required in some areas of Yukon?
The Yukon government has a legal duty to notify and consult with First Nations and the Class 1 notification process enables the Yukon government to meet this requirement.

Class 1 notification has been a requirement in parts of Yukon since January 2014. Additional notification areas have been added and over half of Yukon is now designated a Class 1 notification area.

What is changing?
Effective April 1, 2018, the Traditional Territory of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in will become a Class 1 notification area. This area will be referred to as the Dawson area.

What is staying the same?
All operators in existing Class 1 notification areas must still follow the Class 1 notification process applicable to that area.

Why is the Traditional Territory of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in now a Class 1 Notification area?
In March 2017, the Yukon government agreed to implement Class 1 notification in the entire Traditional Territory of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in to resolve an outstanding court case.

How long does the Class 1 Notification review process take?
The Class 1 notification process takes a minimum of 25 days. Additional review time may be required to complete consultation on a case-by-case review.

What are Class 1 level activities?
Class 1 level mineral exploration activities are defined in the Class 1 thresholds of the Exploration Program Class Criteria contained both within the Quartz Mining Land Use Regulations and Placer Mining Land Use Regulations. This low level of work is designed to allow for grassroots exploration without going through an environmental assessment or permitting review.

How do I submit my Class 1 notification?
Claim holders or operators can submit Class 1 notifications to the district Mining Recorders offices through a paper-based form. A new online system will be available for submitting your notification(s) in April 2018. Public computers are available in each of the district Mining Recorders offices to submit the notification forms.

Do I have to consult with First Nations on my Class 1 activities?
The Yukon government will notify and consult with all affected First Nations on your Class 1 notification. Prior engagement by the operator with the affected First Nation is encouraged and it may expedite the review.

What kind of reclamation is required on my claim(s) or lease(s)?
All Class 1 work must be reclaimed and all structures must be removed within 12-months of beginning your Class 1 activities.

What happens if I change my plans, can I amend my Class 1 notification?
If you need to amend your Class 1 notification, please contact the district Mining Recorders office to discuss the nature of the amendment. Submission of an additional Class 1 notification may be required.

What happens if I do not complete a Class 1 notification and one is required?
Please contact the district Mining Recorders office if you have concerns that you may not have submitted a Class 1 notification in a Class 1 notification area.

Where can I find more information?
Further information on the process for submission and review of a Class 1 notification is at or contact the district Mining Recorders offices.
Mayo Mining Recorders office: 867-996-2256
Dawson Mining Recorders office: 867-993-5343
Watson Lake Mining Recorders office: 867-536-7366
Whitehorse Mining Recorders office: 867-667-3190

Industry must notify the Yukon government of its plans for low-level Class 1 mining exploration when working in designated areas.

The Yukon government has designated the following areas where the Class 1 regulations will apply:

Visit the Mining Map viewer to view the area where class 1 notifications would apply.

Notification form

Further information

Background and context

The Yukon government amended the Quartz Mining Act [ 579 KB]  and the Placer Mining Act [ 393 KB] in December 2013, to establish the authority to designate areas where government notification of Class 1 exploration activities is required.

Before these amendments to the mining acts and regulation came into effect, prospectors undertaking Class 1 activities were not required to inform government of their work. Class 1 exploration activities generally have low potential to cause adverse environmental effects.

The amendments allowed the government to meet requirements set by the Yukon Court of Appeal on December 27, 2012, regarding the duty to notify and, where appropriate, consult with and accommodate the Ross River Dena council before allowing any mining exploration activities to take place within the Ross River Area.

Public consultation on draft act amendments ran from June 3 to July 31, 2013. Consultation with industry and First Nations on the Regulations amendments ran from November 13 to December 2, 2013.

Some details in the regulations on Class 1 requirements, specifically relating to which low-level activities may or may not call for notification, are still to be determined. The Yukon government will be undertaking further work on these and other details.

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