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Notification of Class 1 Mining Activities

Industry must notify the Yukon government of its plans for low-level Class 1 mining exploration when working in designated areas.

The Yukon government has designated the following areas where the Class 1 regulations will apply:

Visit the Mining Map viewer to view the area where class 1 notifications would apply.

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Background and Context

The Yukon government amended the Quartz Mining Act [ 579 KB]  and the Placer Mining Act [ 393 KB] in December 2013, to establish the authority to designate areas where government notification of Class 1 exploration activities is required.

Before these amendments to the mining acts and regulation came into effect, prospectors undertaking Class 1 activities were not required to inform government of their work. Class 1 exploration activities generally have low potential to cause adverse environmental effects.

The amendments allowed the government to meet requirements set by the Yukon Court of Appeal on December 27, 2012, regarding the duty to notify and, where appropriate, consult with and accommodate the Ross River Dena council before allowing any mining exploration activities to take place within the Ross River Area.

Public consultation on draft act amendments ran from June 3 to July 31, 2013. Consultation with industry and First Nations on the Regulations amendments ran from November 13 to December 2, 2013.

Some details in the regulations on Class 1 requirements, specifically relating to which low-level activities may or may not call for notification, are still to be determined. The Yukon government will be undertaking further work on these and other details.

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