Energy, Mines and Resources


Inspections and Compliance

Mineral exploration and development programs are subject to regular, periodic inspections by Natural Resources Officers (NROs) with the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources Client Services and Inspections branch. The inspection will confirm compliance with the Operating Conditions and will ensure that the program activities fall within the thresholds of its class of program.

Pre-inspections before the issuance of an approved Operating Plan will not be done unless an environmental concern is identified, or if otherwise necessary for clarification on the proposed operation. (e.g. if the Mining Recorder Office is unfamiliar with proposed mitigation measures) The Mining Lands Office will rely on the photo and video coverage supplied by the applicant to document the condition of the site at the onset of the proposed program.

When an NRO believes, on reasonable grounds, that the operator has, or is about to, contravene the Operating Conditions, or is causing unnecessary danger to people, property or the environment, the NRO will instruct the operator in writing to rectify the situation or to cease the activity. The NRO will provide a time limit for the operator to comply based on the possible severity of the potential danger and the complexity of the required remedial measures.

If the operator undertakes the appropriate and corrective action, the NRO may revoke his or her instructions. If the operator does not comply with the instructions of the NRO, the NRO may, with the consent of the Chief of Mining Land Use, take the appropriate measures to comply with the instruction, at the operator's expense.

If an NRO on reasonable grounds, that an operator has temporarily or permanently abandoned an exploration program site which has not been fully reclaimed, the NRO has options to remedy the situation. In a case where the operator has failed to meet all of the conditions of the approved program, or the disturbances left behind could cause a danger to persons, property or the environment, the NRO may take any reasonable measures or corrective action deemed appropriate, at the operator's expense (including use of the security bond). The NRO must first make a reasonable effort to contact the operator and give them the opportunity to remedy the situation.

It should be noted that any person who contravenes the rules and regulations of the Quartz Mining Act  578 KB and/or the Quartz Mining Land Use Regulation 520 KB is guilty of an offence. Upon summary conviction, the person would become liable for a fine. The amounts of such fines and other details are given within the Quartz Mining Act 578 KB - Sections 150, 151 and 152.