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Robert E. Leckie Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

About the Robert E. Leckie Award

This award was created in 1999 as a tribute to Robert E. Leckie, a mining inspector from Mayo, who passed away November 1999.

Robert was an innovator who promoted planned reclamation, research, and cooperation that benefited both government and industry.

The award is presented to worthy recipients for excellence in environmental stewardship, outstanding social responsibility, and leadership and innovation in overall process.

It is presented annually at the Yukon Geoscience Forum  to a quartz and placer exploration/mining operation.

The deadline for nominations is October 25, 2019.

If you require further information, please contact Jennifer Walters at 867.996.2256 or 1.800.661.0408 ext. 2256

2018 Robert E. Leckie Award

For responsible and innovative exploration and mining practices

Dominion Gold Resources Ltd.

Dominion Gold Resources Ltd.’s placer mine is one of the largest placer mining properties in the Yukon. They acquired the property in 2013 and began the renovation process in 2014; it had been left to the elements for eight years prior and was neglected and rundown. The mine is located 55 km from Dawson City.

Camp structures were repaired and rebuilt, including houses, support buildings, workshops and facilities. Oil burning furnaces and hot water tanks were converted to propane, and equipment was modernized.

The company invested in innovations such as an environmentally friendly conveying system designed and built to move dirt more efficiently and cost-effectively, and an experimental prototype ore crushing machine to increase productivity. In addition, they are currently building a state of the art water treatment plant for drinking water at the camp. They also have advanced medical equipment on site, including an advanced life support ambulance and certified paramedic.  Both the vehicle and paramedic are volunteered to nearby camps.

Since 2013 the property has been rehabilitated and has become a shining example on Dominion Creek.








For excellence in environmental stewardship

Quartz Mining: Selvyn Chihong Mining Ltd.

The Selwyn Project, owned and operated by Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd. (SCML) is host to one of the largest undeveloped zinc/lead deposits in the world. The project straddles the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories border, approximately 350 km northeast of Whitehorse.

The primary focus was the remediation of drill pads, trails and the removal of waste that had accumulated at the site since the 1980s due to a lack of road access. The remediation works began in 2016 and continued in 2017 and 2018 and approximately 438,800 m2 has been seeded since 2016. The efforts to re-contour and establish vegetation on disturbed areas has proven to be successful, and the regrowth is almost indistinguishable from the natural surroundings.  A significant amount of waste was removed from the site including several barrels that were buried by a previous company operating in the same area. Soil testing was completed to ensure the soil was not contaminated from the historic barrels.

The company developed and implemented “An Elder in Camp” initiative to assist and advise the company in achieving a full culturally integrated work place. A student/worker shadow program was also established to allow students to get a firsthand experience for the various positions.

This dedication to site reclamation exceeds expectations and demonstrates exemplary environmental stewardship, benefitting the environment and setting an example for others to follow.








For excellence in environmental stewardship

Placer Mining: Simon and Lil Hambrook

Simon and Lill Hambrook have been Mining Black Hills Creek, which is a tributary of the Stewart River since 2009. Progressive reclamation began early in the mining program, resulting quick revegetation.

Most land based reclamation and the final diversion channel was constructed in the fall of 2017 and summer of 2018. Mined areas were contoured flat or into low relief hills and covered with overburden. Trees were left to act as seed sources for future revegetation and a smaller D7 dozer allowed for a better quality of work.

The creek channel was rip-rapped for added stability on bends in the creek and overburden was bulldozed right up to the Black Hills Creek diversion which encourages rapid regrowth. These activities were proven beneficial by the results of previous progressive reclamation downstream. 

The reclamation work that was completed is of high quality and demonstrated outstanding environmental stewardship and reclamation standards.








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