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2000 Leckie Recipients

Placer Mining Reclamation - Dave Marstars 
Dave Marstars has been placer mining on Hunker Creek since 1998. This property has been mined by other placer miners since the turn of the century, however it has never previously been reclaimed.

Reclamation work during 1999 and 2000 included the clean up of abandoned debris and waste petroleum products from previous miners, contouring of tailings from the current operation and all previous operations to a gentler topography, and the spreading of black muck over the contoured tailings to promote rapid re-vegetation. In addition, a wide, stable stream channel was established and small out-of-stream ponds were created to enhance the local habitat.

This operation provides an exceptional example of corporate stewardship of the land. The effects of over a century of mining will not be recognizable thanks to the efforts of Grew Creek Ventures Ltd.

Congratulations Dave Marstars, Grew Creek Ventures Ltd.!

Quartz Mining Reclamation - Cash Resources Ltd.
The Killer Gold Property is located approximately 45 km northwest of Haines Junction. Cash Resources Ltd. conducted outstanding exploration and reclamation work on the site in 1995.

Twenty six kilometres of cross country trekking was required to mobilize a back hoe onto the claims. Extra care and expense was taken to ensure that the route would not be re-useable or visible, and the work schedule was carefully planned to minimize impact on sheep. The company also partially funded a study to document the effects of the exploration program on sheep habitat. Exploration trenches were carefully restored to ensure natural revegetation, drill pads were built by hand, and the camp was completely removed at the end of the program.

Cash Resources Ltd. has continuously strived to achieve excellence in its reclamation practices long before the legislated requirement to do so. The company has also fostered good relationships with the communities near its exploration activity.

Congratulations, Cash Resources Ltd.!

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