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2002 Leckie Recipients

David McBurney's mine on the Indian RiverPlacer Mining Reclamation - David McBurney
Industry and government would like to recognize and congratulate Mr. David McBurney for outstanding placer mining reclamation practices on the banks of the Indian River.

Mr. McBurney has gradually moved his operation on one bank of the Indian River upstream working in an organized and systematic fashion. Whenever previous mining disturbances were encountered Mr. McBurney has reclaimed the old workings along with his own. Mr. McBurney has sacrificed small portions of mineable ground in order to preserve some stands of large trees adjacent to the original river bank.

Reclamation works have been ongoing and progressive each year and included mining pits being backfilled and levelled, tailing piles being completely flattened, and overburden being spread evenly over the whole area. Additional efforts included re-contouring and re-vegetation in the mined out areas.

Quartz Mining Reclamation - Viceroy Minerals Corporation
Industry and government would like to recognize and congratulate Viceroy Minerals Corporation for Outstanding Quartz Mining Reclamation Practices at the Brewery Creek Mine.

Brewery Creek MineDuring its years of operation the reclamation work carried out at the Brewery Creek Mine has been methodical and extensive.

All of the reclamation work done at the mine site is of a very high standard and is done with a great deal of pride on the part of mine staff and equipment operators. Today, the landscape throughout the mined out area is left in a stable and aesthetically pleasing form that blends in well with the surrounding topography. Growth media has been spread wherever it was available and much of the disturbed areas have been seeded.

The Brewery Creek Mine provides an excellent example of how modern mining techniques practiced by responsible companies have changed the face of the industry.

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