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2006 Leckie Recipients

Placer Mining Reclamation - A-1 Cats
A-1 Cats site at Dominion Creek365334 Alberta Limited, operating as A-1 Cats, has mined on Dominion Creek in the Dawson Mining district since 2002.

A-1 Cats management continues to address land-based reclamation on an ongoing basis. By minimizing movement of material, reclamation is timely and economical. Use of organics has expedited natural revegetation and although seeding is not a requirement in areas where revegetation naturally occurs, the company has experimented in some areas with spectacular results.

Their desire to enhance old workings has resulted in low relief topography, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but a safer environment for people and wildlife.

The entire property, including areas which were disturbed prior to their arrival, is being reclaimed to present day standards. The company’s Best Management Practices are a credit to the placer industry.

Placer Mining Reclamation (Honourable Mention) - Bardusan Placers
This operation is located in a narrow valley with intermittent permafrost, vast quantities of slide rock, and extensive hard rock workings from past United Keno Hill Mines activities in the area. Bardusan Placers is working upstream on Lightning Creek using systematic mining practices and long term planning. They accomplish efficient and prompt reclamation of the previous years mining cut with the stripping/wastes from the following year’s mining.

Rather than use the creek as a conduit, which is common in narrow valleys, the Barchens, in an innovative and forward thinking fashion, transport water to their settling ponds via an underground culvert system.

The short time lines between mining activities and reclamation allows exposed permafrost to stabilize prior to melting and any potential destabilization of the surrounding slopes and reclamation works is actively prevented.

Use of slide rock and coarse armoring exposed during the mining activities ensures long term stream stability and separation of the ponds and the reconstructed creek channel.

The Barchen family has responded to the environmental challenges of the regulatory era by meeting and exceeding government expectations for operational considerations, discharge standards and final reclamation of the mined properties.

Mike Lake ProjectQuartz Mining Reclamation - Dynamite Resources Ltd.
Dynamite Resources Ltd. is a junior mining company that is exploring the highly prospective Mike Lake Project. The claims are located about 80 km east-northeast of Dawson City and are accessible by air.

During initial exploration, the company happened on an abandoned camp on a nearby property. Over the next month, the operator returned the area to its original pristine environment. The camp was dismantled and all material disposed of or incinerated.

They have followed every recommended best practice at their camp, drill sites, fuel and core storage areas and for seasonal closure. This company has gone beyond the requirements of legislation by reclaiming an area where there was no requirement for them to do so.

Quartz Mining Reclamation (Honourable Mention) - Deloitte and Touche Inc.
Deloitte & Touche are the court appointed receiver for Anvil Range Mining Corp. at Faro. Though revegetation of this site was required as part of a water use license, the work undertaken to reclaim the fresh water reservoir and supply dam is commendable.

The revegetation program solely employed the use of indigenous flora, which was manually integrated into the site, insuring successful growth and proliferation of the plant species selected. Great care has also been given to the decommissioning of the dam and the reclamation and rehabilitation of South Fork of Rose Creek; the primary stream related to this site.

Seeds were manually broadcast using pouch-style seeders, and integrated into the soil substrate with hand rakes as well as harrows pulled by an ATV for selected areas. Due to this site’s geographical features hands-on seeding was needed; and was consequently very labour intensive.

Additionally, subsequent monitoring of plant growth and establishment has shown excellent results

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