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2007 Leckie Recipients

No Name Resources Inc.Placer Mining Reclamation - No Name Resources Inc.
No Name Resources Inc. has been placer mining at Ten Mile and Thirteen Mile Creeks, in the Dawson mining district since 2003.

Brent and Rosemary Pasareno took over several properties which had been mined by previous operators since the 1970s, when no legislation existed to encourage reclamation practices.

They have cleaned both areas, and removed abandoned equipment, tanks and debris to a single storage yard for each site. They have sloped and contoured old mining works and camp areas, rehabilitating two sites that can now re-vegetate naturally. They are indeed exemplary operators.

Ross Mining Ltd.Placer Mining Reclamation (Honourable Mention) - Ross Mining Ltd.
Ross Mining Ltd. runs a placer operation on Dominion Creek near Dawson City. Jon Rudolph has continued this company’s tradition of responsible and exemplary reclamation works since becoming president.

At this site, stripping, mining and reclamation occur concurrently. The disturbed area is carefully contoured and topsoil is spread to encourage rapid revegetation. There are extensive areas that are reclaimed with healthy regrowth. Reclaimed areas are aesthetically pleasing and complement the natural valley landscape.

In a pilot project with other private sector partners, Ross Mining is working to establish and market Yukon placer gold as a “green” product; gold that is mined and produced using the highest environmental and human rights standards. This additional incentive could effect change in the placer industry as a whole and demonstrates the exemplary practices of Ross Mining Ltd..

Yukon Nevada Gold CorporationQuartz Mining Reclamation - Yukon Nevada Gold Corporation
Yukon Nevada Gold Corporation is operating a drill program in the Ketza River area near Ross River.

They have worked hard to design a vigorous cleanup program for this previously abandoned site. Their reclamation efforts include: removing waste petroleum, contaminants, and chemicals from the site, disposing of six hundred empty barrels, removing one hundred truckloads of trash, and eliminating scrap metal from waste sites.

In addition to this waste removal program, Yukon Nevada Gold has re-sloped and seeded three waste dump areas as well as cleaned up the mill, and removed several old buildings. An incinerator now replaces the landfill and the company has taken an assertive stance with their operators to ensure that sumps are in place for every drill site.

This award recognizes Yukon Nevada Gold’s progressive policies and unwavering efforts to reclaim this mine site.

Quartz Mining Reclamation - Selwyn Resources Ltd.
Selwyn Resources Ltd.Selwyn Resources Ltd. is conducting a drill program in Howard’s Pass which straddles the border of Yukon and Northwest Territories. The majority of the program is in Yukon.

This award recognizes this company’s commitment to integrate progressive environmental and socio-economic practices into its operations.

In addition to using the most modern equipment and sampling techniques to collect high quality data for 18 environmental baseline studies, they have also involved the Kaska Tribal Council in their “hands-on” environmental fieldwork.

Selwyn Resources has also made significant contributions to Dechen la Camp in order to develop environmental awareness for over 20 young people within the territory. Their well-rounded programs and ‘best practices’ are undoubtedly an asset to the mining industry.

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