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Under the Quartz Mining Act  579 KB, a royalty is a share of profits from a Yukon mine, reserved for the Yukon government as owner of the mineral rights, for permitting extraction of mineral resources. It is paid by a mine operator to the Yukon government. It is not a tax.

The Yukon government has developed Royalty regulations (OIC 2010/91) pursuant to the QMA that provide the mechanism for determining the roalty due on a mine in commercial production. Along with the regulation, an information sheet has been developed that provides a short form oveview. A more detailed guidebook to the regulation is under development and will be available soon.

If you have any questions regarding the royalty regime, please contact Mineral Resources Branch at 667-3422 or 667-8256.


Table showing royalty paid to date

* Yukon administers the royalty determination for the Selkirk First Nation

 Minto Mine  Capstone Mining Corp.  
 Year  Royalty Paid  Note
 2007  $0.00  First commercial production year
 2008  $1,503,491.00  
 2009  $5,917,904.00  
 2010  $3,806,550.00  
 2011  $1,680,398.00  Transition year under new regulations
 2012  $391,661.00  
 2013  $215,773.00  
 Bellekeno Mine  Alexco Resources  
 Year  Royalty Paid   Note
 2010  $0.00  First commercial production year
 2011  $351,525.00  
 2012  $372,588.00  
 2013  $0.00  
 Wolverine Mine  Yukon Zinc  
 Year  Royalty Paid  Note
 2012  $0.00  First commercial production year
 2013  $0.00