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Government's role in oil and gas development

Benefits of oil and gas development

In Canada, publicly owned natural resources are managed by provincial, territorial and sometimes First Nation governments for the benefit of their citizens. This is in contrast to other parts of the world where resources are privately owned and developed for the benefit of the owner.

A big question facing natural resource development sectors in Canada is defining a benefit. In discussions around natural resource development, there are lots of opinions.

Often, benefits discussions strictly revolve around the kinds of jobs that may, or may not, materialize with the development of natural resources.

If we look deeper, jobs are only one gain derived from the development of the natural resources sector.

A full discussion on the benefits of natural resource development should include a few other features: social and economic resiliency, innovation, and learning.

Government’s job is to create the atmosphere to enables responsible resource development and to regulate industry in a way that enhances return from the publicly-owned asset while also ensuring protection of people and the environment.

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