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Government's role in oil and gas development

Collecting baseline data

The path to Yukon’s self-reliance includes safe and responsible natural resource development. The Yukon government is committed to continuing our collection of baseline data in areas of concern to Yukoners. This includes water quality and quantity, earthquake activity, and air quality. We are making this data publicly available online. This work is also being undertaken to address the recommendations made by the Select Committee.

The Yukon government is taking the time to set the stage for responsible development by providing decision-makers and regulators the information they need to make informed decisions.

We are enhancing ongoing data collection to ensure we fill any gaps in our data. This investment will provide a knowledge base from which to make regulatory and investment decisions on many types of development in the future.

Baseline data collection will provide a regional picture of the current state of the environment. The technical research being conducted involves:

  • surface water quality and quantity data;
  • groundwater quality and quantity data;
  • seismic activity data;
  • meteorological data;
  • fish and wildlife data; 
  • landscape changes and permafrost data; and
  • air quality.

Government has a major role to play in collecting long term, regional baseline data which characterizes an area. Industry is responsible for collecting detailed baseline data for a specific project.

We are also committed to learning what has worked in other jurisdictions and filling information gaps while we have the time and the ability to proceed slowly. We can apply what we learn on a project-by-project basis.

This baseline data collection interactive map helps explain the Yukon government’s data collection process. It focuses primarily on the Eagle Plain and Liard oil and gas sedimentary basins, as these are the two basins that have active licences and current exploration interests, as noted in the interactive map of Yukon's oil and gas resources.

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