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Oil and Gas Resources


Oil and Gas Resources carries out compliance inspections and monitoring of regulated activities to ensure the safe, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of resources.

A project application is only approved if relevant laws, regulations, and standards are met or exceeded. Proponents may demonstrate this through their program description and in the provision of Emergency Response Plans, Mitigative Measures, Environmental Protection Plans, Health and Safety Plans, Monitoring Plans, and other documents which set out proponent’s obligations and commitments for the proposed activity. Oil and Gas Resources Branch ensures compliance during the life of the authorized activity with inspections, reporting, audits, and enforcement when required.


The inter-agency 24 hour Yukon Spill Report Centre is the lead contact for spill incidents 867-667-7244.

Incidents regarding oil and gas operations, or requests for investigation or hearings, should be directed to the Chief Operations Officer 867-667-3565.

Refer to the National Energy Board emergency procedures  for inter-jurisdictional pipeline or offshore incidents.

Information Requests

This website is intended to inform public and industry. Some information is confidential for a period of time, as stipulated within regulations. Information that is released from confidential status under Yukon oil and gas laws is available to the public by appointment at the Oil and Gas Resources Branch. Call (867) 393-7042 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 ext. 7042.

Requests for specific information may be made in writing to Oil and Gas Resources Branch. Administrative fees may be applicable depending on the type and volume of information requested.