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Northern Cross 3D Seismic Eagle Plain 2013*
Explor Data 2D Seismic Liard 2006
Devon 2D Seismic Kotaneelee 2003
EnCana Aerial Gravity S.E. Yukon & NWT 2003

* in process.


Recent exploration in Liard Plateau and Eagle Plain has taken the form of seismic, aeromagnetic, geologic and geochemical surveys.

Innovations in this area include the use of 3D seismic technology to better map the underground formations and evaluate potential resource development.

Yukon Geological Survey

The mandate of the Yukon Geological Survey is to be the authority and provider of choice for the geoscience and related technical information required to enable stewardship and sustainable development of the Territory’s energy, mineral, and land resources. YGS has conducted several reports and energy related projects.