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Oil and Gas Resources

Guidelines and Forms

Types of guidelines and forms:

Call for Bids

Contacting Us

Designated Representative & Official Service Address

  • Notice of Designated Representative, Replacement or Revocation 
     Form  89 KB and Guidelines   599 KB
  • Notice of Official Service Address of Designated Representative or Sole Holder 
     Form  126 KB and Guidelines  204 KB

Oil and Gas Permit and Lease

Request for Posting


  • Yukon Royalty Return 
     Guidelines  192 KB       
  • Designation or Amendment of Royalty Agent
     Form   61 KB and Guidelines  237 KB

 Statutory Notices

  • Security Notice 
     Form  72 KB and Guidelines  236 KB
  • Change of Address for Service of Secured Party 
     Form  37 KB and Guidelines  202 KB 
  • Notice of Assignment or Partial Assignment of a Registered Security Interest 
     Form  57 KB and Guidelines  192 KB
  • Notice of Discharge or Partial Discharge of a Security Interest 
     Form 48 KB and Guidelines  180 KB
  • Notice of Postponement of a Registered Security Notice
     Form  9KB and Guidelines   179 KB
  • Notice of Discharge or Partial Discharge of a Registered Postponement 
     Form  179 KB and Guidelines  180 KB 
  • Court Orders and Judgments of the Supreme Court Affecting the Registration of a Statutory Notice 
     Guidelines  129 KB