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Interactive Maps

Yukon Oil and Gas Interactive Map Viewer

This internet-based web mapping application provides an access to oil  and gas information in Yukon such as wells, seismic lines, sedimentary basins, current oil and gas rights as well as  rights disposition process (locations of Requests for Postings (RFP) and Call for Bids (CFB)).  This information can be viewed individually or in conjunction with many other map layers, such as administrative boundaries, geological and wildlife data, land and mineral tenure, and others.

This online tool provides also an access to PDF files associated with any Yukon wells as well as sedimentary basins assessment reports.

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Paper Maps and Posters

Land Status Map with Oil and Gas Interests 
October 2018  2.2 MB

Yukon sedimentary basins - color coded availability for oil and gas exploration and development
April 2016  222 KB 


2011 Yukon Table of Formations  7 MB

Oil and Gas Land Division System Poster 
(3170-30-06200)  249 KB

Active North Yukon Oil and Gas Dispositions Descriptions (5525-30-181016 NY)
October 2018  224KB

Active South East Yukon Oil and Gas Dispositions Description (5525-30-131004 SE)
October, 2013  198 KB

Active Beaufort Oil and Gas Dispositions Description (5525-30- 131005)
October, 2013  441 KB

Oil and Gas Exploration Regions
October, 2014  214 KB

Northern Natural Gas Pipeline Options  352 KB

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Oil and Gas GIS Data

Yukon Oil and Gas spatial data are accessible from Geomatics Yukon website or from Geomatics Yukon Public FTP site.

Non spatial Well data – scanned images, logs and reports can be downloaded via Yukon Oil and Gas viewer or directly from FTP site .

It is important to know Yukon Well license number for the well before attempting to look for the files at FTP site, as license number is the only well identifier for FTP well files.


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Excel Spreadsheets

For information regarding the source or accuracy of this data please contact the Database/GIS Administrator. Users should note that disposition boundaries are based upon a grid system as laid out in the Disposition Regulations  213 KB.

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All maps and data are for illustrative puposes only. They are not for legal or navigational purposes.

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If you have any questions regarding the maps or data on the Oil and Gas Resources site, please email the Database/GIS Administrator.