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Prescribed Prices and Royalty Allowances

Select Price reflects the lowest value over which the royalty rate is sensitive to market prices. The select price is prescribed by the Division Head and reviewed periodically.  An information letter for the select price will be published annually.

Reference Price and Par Price vary from month to month. Par price reflects current market prices. The Division Head prescribes the par price for each month in which there is oil or gas production. Reference Price results in a uniform price being established by government for oil and gas production. The reference price allows for adjustments for product quality and well location. The reference price reflects fair market value and is based on publicly reported market prices. The Division Head prescribes the reference price for each month in which there is oil or gas production. Until further notice, the par price is the same as the reference price. An information letter prescribing the reference and par price will be published monthly.

Table of Prescribed Prices

Production Month

Select Price

Reference and Par Price

Kotaneelee Processing Allowance

Kotaneelee Transportation Allowance

June-2012 $4.00  $1.63  $1.65  $.55 
July-2012  $4.00  $2.06  $1.75  $.55 
Aug-2012  $4.00 $1.80  $1.75  $.55 
Sep-2012  $4.00  $1.95 $1.81  $.57 


Kotaneelee production has been shut in since October 2012 because of well maintenance issues, awaiting remedial programs from the operator.

For historical Prescribed Prices, please call Sharon at 667-3427.