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Assessing caribou vulnerability to oil and gas exploration and development in Eagle Plains, Yukon  4.8 MB

This report focuses on the Porcupine Caribou Herd and its vulnerability to potential oil and gas development in the Eagle Plains area.

  Yukon Oil and Gas Annual Report (2016)  7.9 MB

This publication provides an overview of oil and gas activities during the 2016 calendar year.

  The Unconventional Gas Resources of Mississippian-Devonian Shales in the Liard Basin of British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon  8.0 MB

The thick and geographically extensive Exshaw and Patry shales are expected to contain 6.20 trillion m³ (219 trillion cubic feet) of marketable natural gas.

Yukon Energy Prospectus 2011 Yukon Energy Prospectus  2.84 MB

The 2011 prospectus focuses on the Eagle Plain Basin.


  Yukon Table of Formations (2011)  7 MB 


Energy for Yukon: The Natural Gas Option, Eagle Plain Case Study  328 KB

This study compares the relative costs of various energy supply options for three potential Yukon mine sites with very different energy requirements. 


Energy for Yukon: Backgrounder, Summary of Case Study and Next Steps  326 KB

This backgrounder to the above document examines the feasibility of developing Yukon’s significant natural gas resources to meet Yukon’s current and future energy demands and examines what is required to develop these valuable resources. 


Yukon Oil and Gas Information Letters
Information letters currently provide updates on royalty pricing and other instructions for the submission of royalties. The following Information Letters are available:

Number Subject
2012-002 (Dec) Gas Reference Price and Gas Par Price 
 21 KB
2012-003 (Dec)  Gas Transportation Allowance - No production for December 2012
2012-004 (Dec)  Gas Processing Allowance - No production for December 2012
2010-001 Gas Select Price  21 KB
2010-005 Electronic Deposits 17 KB
2010-006 Appeals from Reporting Related Penalties  458 KB


Other Publications

North Yukon Conceptual Oil and Gas Development Scenario and Local Benefits Assessment  3 MB
The Yukon government formed a working group in 2005 with North Yukon First Nations under the Northern Yukon Economic Development Partnership Agreement. In partnership with this group, government commissioned independent industry experts to develop an oil and gas development scenario and local benefits assessment for northern Yukon.

The purpose of the North Yukon Conceptual Oil and Gas Development Scenario and Local Benefits Assessment is to project plausible levels of oil and gas activities and then assess the local benefits and challenges to the Yukon people. This information will be used to guide and inform land use planning in north Yukon, future resource management and development decisions, and provide information that will assist Yukon’s intervention in the regulatory hearings currently underway for the Mackenzie Gas Project.

In the course of this research the government looked closely at the work of the Pembina Institute's report “A Peak Into the Future” who engaged in a similar exercise in relation to a development scenario in the Peel Plateau region of North Yukon. A technical review 208 KB of the portion of the report that pertains to the Peel Plateau has been completed.


Yukon Geological Survey
Yukon Geological Survey has active research programs in several of the sedimentary basins, including Whitehorse Trough, Peel Plateau and Plain, and Bonnet Plume basin. Please visit the YGS website for the latest information and recent geoscience publications related to oil and gas geology in Yukon.


Resource Assessments

Arctic Circle/Dempster Highway (2001)

Bonnet Plume (2000)

Eagle Plain (2014)
Geological Survey of Canada Open File 7565 is made available under the
Open Government License

Eagle Plain (2005)

Eagle Plain (2000)

Kandik Basin (2000)

Liard Plateau (2001)

North Coast (2001)

Old Crow (2001)

Peel Plateau (2005)

Peel Plateau (2000)

Whitehorse Trough (2001)

Whitehorse Trough (Updated 2012)

Scoping Study of Unconventional Oil and Gas Potential in Yukon (2012) 

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