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Government's role in oil and gas development

Responsible oil and gas development

Contributing to a healthy, resilient society requires a variety of inputs working together to build strength and variety. It’s about tourism, mining, oil and gas, retail, agriculture, education, alternative energy investments and science.

Like all those other contributors, oil and gas is subject to a multitude of rules, policies and laws that look after people and the environment.

Responsible development requires that the health and safety of employees and the public come first while demanding strong environmental performance.

Responsible development means the continuous review and improvement of health and safety, environmental, social and economic performance practices and the rules, policies and laws that apply.

In Canada, most natural resources are owned by the public and managed by government to ensure citizens benefit from their development.

Devolution of the administration and control of natural resources from the federal government handed Yukoners the ability to develop the resources for our collective benefit.

Government fulfills various roles in the administration and control including resource manager, environmental manager, social steward, economic development stimulator and regulator.

Government’s roles and responsibilities around decisions affecting resource stewardship must be respectful of a broad range of social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being considerations. This is vital to ensuring responsible development.

Over the next while we will be sharing articles discussing government’s role in the responsible development of oil and gas in the Yukon.

We hope that those who are interested in a discussion on government’s role will participate.  We would like to hear your perspective on government’s role in protecting people and environment.


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