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Responsible oil and gas development

The Yukon government recognizes that a broad strategy is required to support oil and gas development in Yukon. As a result, we developed an action plan on the responsible development of oil and gas resources. The action plan is divided into four categories: engagement, First Nation relations, technical research and effective regulatory regime.

Implementing the 21 Recommendations

Yukon government is implementing our commitments following up on all of the Select Committee’s recommendations.

The work is being coordinated by a senior management committee with representatives from Economic Development, Environment, Energy, Mines and Resources, Executive Council Office, and Health & Social Services.

The departments identified existing activities and new projects that will help gain a greater understanding of the impacts and benefits of shale resource development in Yukon and safely regulate any future oil and gas projects.

Yukon government is confident that in addressing the Select Committee’s 21 recommendations, we will gather valuable information and data that will benefit many of the territory’s resource development industries as well as better inform government in its resource management decisions.


In April 2015, the Yukon government responded to the report of the Yukon Legislature’s Select Committee Regarding the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing and supported all 21 of its recommendations. 

The government’s response to the report includes developing an engagement strategy to continue the public dialogue, conducting an economic study, expanding the groundwater monitoring and seismic baseline data, and seeking expert advice to confirm that baseline information is adequate and that regulatory processes will protect the safety of people and the environment.

In addition, the Yukon government stated that it is open to responsible shale gas development opportunities in Yukon, but only in the Liard basin, and only if that activity is supported by affected First Nations.

The Liard basin, located in southeast Yukon, comprises 1.3% of Yukon’s landmass. The total area of Yukon with oil and gas potential (shale and conventional) is approximately 15% of the territory, with 5% of Yukon actually available for potential development.